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I became acquainted with God and my life changed

The author called herself an atheist, then she found Christian Science and everything changed.

A call to demonstrate healing

Over the years , I heard much about Christian Science nursing from my mother-in-law, who had trained at the Christian Science Benevolent Association at Chestnut Hill as a young woman during World War II. My first personal encounter with Christian Science nursing was a very special experience when my daughter was in elementary school.

Plenty to consider

Thank you on the deepest level for having these conversations with the Christian Science Field. I have worked and prayed for, and eagerly anticipated, what a greater understanding of Christian Science nursing can do for both our Field and the world.

Always perfect

To some extent our lives are defined, or at least affected, by religious ideas. Many Christians adopt the viewpoint given in the second chapter of Genesis that man was created materially perfect by God, and then original sin brought man down into imperfection.

‘Mary Baker Eddy Mentioned Them’: Bronson Alcott

On Thursday January 20, 1876, there was a knock at the front door of Number 8 Broad Street in Lynn, Massachusetts. The resident, a woman by the name of Mary Baker Glover, had recently published her first book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

The timeless power of the Word

 “What a word is this!” Those words express the amazement people felt when Jesus healed a man with “a spirit of an unclean devil” (see Luke 4:33–36 ). They were not marveling over an especially well-crafted speech or sermon by Jesus.

Cast out the beam and the mote

In a Christian Science lecture in the mid-1960s, I heard the speaker make a statement of truth and then add dryly, “I’m sure we all know someone who needs to hear that!” Laughter from the audience greeted this comment. Isn’t that always the temptation—to tell someone else what to think or do? I love the anecdote about a Christian Science couple taking a drive in the country.

To give of the ‘heart’s rich overflow’

Two of the world’s greatest givers, Christ Jesus and one who reverently followed him, Mary Baker Eddy, show us through their words and works how to be active participants in the healing work of brotherly love, charitable kindness, generous spirit, and spiritual witnessing. We could say that, instead of keeping to themselves all the spiritual good they loved and lived, they gave of their “heart’s rich overflow” (Minny M.

The oil of inspiration

At a Christian Science students’ association meeting a while ago, the speaker asked the audience to pray for themselves for three minutes. They were to use a specific concept from Mary Baker Eddy’s answer to the question, “What is man?” ( Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p.

Finding all we need in God

Individuals and our world community are often challenged by lack. It may be lack of health, a lack of finances, of housing, of family, of safety, of intelligence, of opportunity, of food, of contentment, or of something else worthwhile.