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Church isn’t just for the members

Several years ago , one cold winter day in Utah, I was to read for the Wednesday night testimony meeting at my local branch Church of Christ, Scientist. And while I had prayed for myself and church, the readings were extremely hard to put together.

Inspiration and healing in Russia

In September 2014 , the Christian Science Society in St. Petersburg, Russia, had the opportunity to participate in the Moscow International Book Fair, an annual multi-day exhibition, where organizations from many countries set up booths and share literature.

Our Spiritual nature—A Daily reminder

Haven’t we all yearned to feel God’s presence? Who exactly is this God we want to feel close to? In the book of Revelation, St. John refers to the “seven Spirits which are before his throne” ( 1:4 ).

‘Mary Baker Eddy Mentioned Them’: Flavius Josephus

Flavius Josephus was a Jewish scholar, historian, and soldier who came on the scene shortly after the completion of Christ Jesus’ ministry. He wrote several major works in that first century of the Christian Era, and these works are considered to be important accounts of the history of Judaism and Christianity.

Are we being entertained, or entertaining Christ?

A friend of mine recently commented that if he wanted to be entertained, a Christian Science church service wouldn’t be the place to go. But if he wanted to think and be spiritually inspired, it was the perfect place.

Why go to church?

I found myself asking myself that question one day, and my answer was: to get and to give. What do I want to get? Answer: Inspiration; a better understanding of God; healing.

Only one Father

One of the most important things I learned when I started to study Christian Science was that we all have one and the same Father, God. I found out that our relationship to God, divine Love, is unbreakable, because it’s based on our eternal coexistence with Him.

Walking over the waves of resistance

It was the middle of the night and the disciples were struggling to row across the Galilean Sea, because, the Bible tells us, “the sea arose by reason of a great wind that blew” ( John 6:18 ). Hours earlier, they had just witnessed one of the most stunning demonstrations of spiritual power that any individual on earth has ever seen—the multiplication of a few loaves and fishes, which then abundantly fed thousands.

Our scientific starting-point

How we begin something matters, whether it’s a new project, a job, or a relationship. When we start out on the right foot, so to speak, and our activities are rooted in integrity, honesty, and unselfishness—in spiritual understanding and living—we are contributing all we can to their success.

The importance, value, and power of *one*

A couple of years ago , a woman emailed a Christian Science practitioner saying she’d returned home from a few days away to find that a loved parakeet had somehow broken its leg. She had taken the bird to a veterinarian, but he had told her the tiny leg couldn’t be set.