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An ever-present help

A very valuable truth we learn in Christian Science is that God is divine, infinite, eternal Life and Love. God is ever-present Truth, and this can be affirmed with certainty in the midst of any fearful situation.
Dear friend who wants to know … On a topic such as this, it’s fair to expect full disclosure. So, I’m obligated to say that I was raised in Christian Science and I’ve spent most of my life regularly attending Sunday School (and irregularly attending church after that).

Now is the time to pray

Often as I go through my busy day, things that need prayerful attention come to thought—little aches and pains, annoyances at something someone said, fears and anxieties. For a long time my response would be, “I need to pray about that.
Lately I have been thinking about those stalwart colleagues of Mary Baker Eddy who were brave enough to come together and deliberate with her about forming a new church. Taking a public stand for Christian Science must have caused them some difficulty with family and friends, yet public they did go.

The child in the temple—the child in you

The child in the temple immediately conjures up a lovely picture. While I was growing up, I loved the story of the boy Samuel—the child in the temple—and I still do (see I Samuel 3:1–10 ).

Denying error, affirming our identity

The word nihilism is unfamiliar to many of us, not part of our everyday vocabulary. The word is derived from the Latin word nihil meaning nothing.

A call to serve

Everyone has a calling. We might describe our calling as our job, an interest that inspires us, or a special skill that makes us valuable to others.

The Principle of all life

There is a divine Principle in which all of us can always have total confidence. It’s infallible, invariable, concrete, and substantial, and it provides security in life.

Indestructible ideas

As a classroom teacher of writing, I am expected to inculcate in my students habits of critical thinking. The questions I pose to them often lead to deep philosophical discussions on any number of subjects.

Seeing perfection

Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, devotes almost two and a half pages in the Christian Science textbook to answer the question: “What is man?” ( Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,  pp. 475–477 ).