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A contagion of good

Yesterday I received a phone call from someone who had a heavy cold and told me that she had identified the “epicenter” of this illness at her job. This got me to thinking about man’s real, spiritual center as the child of God.

A ‘rousing’ assignment!

 The announcement of the meeting at my local branch Church of Christ, Scientist, sent me once again to study Mary Baker Eddy’s definition of Church so that I’d be prepared to participate. I did not expect to find something that stirred my thought in such a needed way.

There is no alternative to love

God loves by seeing His creation as He sees Himself. And God made us to love others as He loves us.

The story is a familiar one to many. Jesus, the much-cherished friend of Mary, her sister Martha, and their brother Lazarus, was presumably the guest of honor at this family gathering.

Piercing the self-love of human wisdom

 The Corinthians needed a stern talking-to. It was about 20 years after Christ Jesus’ ascension, and the story of what he had done in Judea was starting to spread beyond the Jewish Middle East.

Man, positioned to glorify God

We were sitting at a restaurant, chatting over an evening menu, discussing his vision for his lifework, when I asked, “So what is the essence of what you want to do?” Without hesitation, he said, “To inspire, to move to higher ground, to uplift. ”  My son was speaking about his work in the film industry.

Metrics: What are we measuring?

You may be surprised how much metrics, a method of measurement, is a part of daily life. It’s used to measure the progress of companies, the activities of employees, and even to assess your habits at the local grocery store and online.

Gaining assurance of God’s care

 Human existence can sometimes seem like an uncertain proposition and, for many, finding security in any direction might seem difficult. But a couple of months ago, while I was teaching a beginner Christian Science Sunday School class, I got some new insights into the fact that the only place we find lasting security is in ever-present divine Truth, or God.

Only Truth can vanquish error

My husband and I have a pet poodle named Sammy whom we love as if he were our child. He is such a precious part of our family.

Much of the New Testament in the Bible is composed of Paul’s letters to the Christian churches that he helped to establish in the Mediterranean region. How deeply encouraging his communications must have been to those isolated groups of Christ’s followers.