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Learning about the power of divine Mind

There are so many things I loved about attending the Christian Science Sunday School: the pure and holy atmosphere, the opportunity to delve into the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, and the spiritual lessons I learned. Sunday School was a place where I was encouraged to take these spiritual lessons and apply them to my life.

The deep importance of this holy work

Last fall, Christian Scientists in my area of the United States had the privilege of taking part in “Conversations on Christian Science nursing” meetings sponsored by a local branch Church of Christ, Scientist, and conducted by representatives from The Mother Church. These meetings, held all over the world, showed the importance of Christian Science nursing to the healing mission of Christian Science.

Taking our thought into the ‘upper room’

Thanks so much for all that you are doing to promote a better understanding of and support for the Christ-healing that we are so privileged and blessed to study and practice. It was very interesting to attend recent meetings on Christian Science nursing.

What Christ Jesus left to us

Recently I was thinking about efforts being made to try to find the human remains of Christ Jesus—his DNA, his bones. Such efforts would try to deny the Master’s example to us of Life as spiritual and eternal, his resurrection, and his ascension.

Upholding true manhood and womanhood

True manhood and womanhood seem to be under attack in our world in both blatant and subtle ways. Men are sometimes depicted as buffoons or as emotionless and ruthless, while women are portrayed as objects of sensuality—emotional and vulnerable.

In awe before Him

Suppose we had been with Moses at Horeb. Climbing with him, with the same inner impulsion, out of the valley full of doubts, up in search of a God he knew must exist but was only learning how to understand.

People often say , “I need to pray about a problem I’m dealing with, but I’m not sure what to include in my prayer. How do I know that I’m covering all the bases?”  Prayer, or treatment, in Christian Science is never a formula, and we can trust God to guide our prayer.

Spiritual breakthroughs and healing

If we’ve been raised in Christian Science, we may be tempted to take its daily blessings and harmonizing effects for granted. There comes a time, however, when it’s necessary to dig deeper in order to make this healing Science our own.

The Christian Science Monitor—an appreciation

When Mary Baker Eddy issued instructions to begin publication of a daily newspaper, she made a significant statement, notable both for what it did not say as well as for what it did. What Mrs.

Finding our Savior

Because the life of Christ Jesus is central to Christian Science, it’s always worthwhile to consider what his life means to us. And the way to truly understand and appreciate Jesus is to follow in his footsteps.