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New Associate Editors for JSH Editorial Department

We are happy to announce the appointment by the Christian Science Board of Directors of two Associate Editors for the Journal, Sentinel, and Herald: Kim C. Korinek, CSB, and Tony Lobl, CS.

Trusting God for healing

My junior year , my high school required me to attend a talk on breast cancer prevention and awareness. At the time of the talk, I had just come back from a retreat for young Christian Scientists, where I had developed a more spiritual outlook.

Rethinking time

I recently completed a three-year term as First Reader at my branch Church of Christ, Scientist. The First Reader conducts the main part of the Sunday service each week as well as the Wednesday evening testimony meetings.

Why I am a Christian Scientist …

With the various challenges and boasts of materialism that are presented to us daily via the media, in literature, perhaps from people in our lives, many Christian Scientists may have been asked to sincerely consider the question, “Why exactly are you a Christian Scientist?” or “How can you be a Christian Scientist?”—i. e.

Prayer defeats corruption

I’m a woman with fair skin. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to live in several countries around the world, mostly free of conflict.

Healing complete?

The Christian Science spiritual method of caring for difficulties differs from all material methods. One of the most significant differences is that as we go about our work of solving a problem through prayer, in our hearts we know the problem is already solved because it’s unknown to God and therefore has no actual reality.

Afraid of illness? Reframe the battle!

When confronted with evil in any of its apparent forms—disease, violence, pain, loss—we don’t ever need to feel that we’re on the defensive. That’s because Christian Science helps us understand that evil never has power or activity or momentum.

Why call a Christian Science nurse?

I was bedridden and was seeking healing through prayer, which I had found to be reliable and effective. I considered the possibility of calling a Christian Science nurse for assistance in addition to the metaphysical treatment I was having from a Christian Science practitioner.

Prayer in the aftermath of disaster

I was at the 2013 Boston Marathon when it was brutally interrupted by two successive explosions. As smoke and screams of terror clouded the scene, my heart sank with fear, but in that very instant the words of a beloved psalm poured into my thought and brought me a sense of calm and comfort.

Love that dissolves dividing lines

What can you do when a group of people you value split into opposing factions and refuse to cooperate with each other? It happens frequently. Political parties polarize and refuse to work out their differences while the greater good of their constituency suffers.