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An impossible assignment + prayer = success

“Write a poem about a social injustice. ” That was it? That was the assignment? Yes, that was it.

Hymn Sing—June 5, 2016

What follows is an edited summary of the Hymn Sing held on Sunday, June 5, 2016, in the Extension of The Mother Church and broadcast live online. The Hymn Sing was one of the events held during the weekend prior to Annual Meeting.


In the United States, Thanksgiving is a very special day—a day set aside for giving thanks—which also happens in several other countries, at different times. The Bible is filled with the joy and blessings that come from sincerely praising, glorifying, and giving thanks to God, and the necessity and naturalness of doing so.

The privilege of subscribing to The Christian Science Monitor

Today there is more news to consume and less time in which to consume it than perhaps ever before in human history. It may feel overwhelming to take time each day to discern what needs healing and devote prayerful attention to those issues.

Our God-given dominion

How can we utilize the amazing fact of our God-given dominion, which the Bible says God has given us (see Genesis 1:26 )? It may seem an impossible thing to demonstrate in our lives. Many things confront us that are not good and that appear to have control over us—ill health, perhaps; disagreements with family or friends that leave us angry or upset; loss of employment.

Harmony throughout God’s creation

My daily prayer has shifted in a major way. I’d always begun my prayers by thinking about and being grateful for the allness and glory of God as the creator.

‘Our salvation is in Love’

When I went through Christian Science Primary class instruction—a two-week course on Christian Science—I came away more aware of the importance of the two “great commandments” that Christ Jesus spoke about: love God and love man (your neighbor as yourself; see Matthew 22:35–39 ).   I could see how obedience to this divine law is necessary, but I couldn’t get past the “how” of loving my neighbor, my fellow man.

The grander, spiritual view

The natural world often displays great beauty. Whether it’s a vibrant-colored sunset, the grace of a soaring raptor, the grandeur and might of a waterfall, or the delicate beauty of a wildflower, chances are we’ve all been inspired by such scenery at one time or another.

God’s realness in our lives and the healing it brings

At a time of great need in our family several years ago, I happened to pick up at the local Christian Science Reading Room a little pamphlet with the meaningful title “ Triumph of Good . ” The pamphlet reprinted a number of articles and testimonies of healing from this denomination’s publications, including two testimonies originally published in this magazine in 1955.

A spiritual key to economic stability

Fluctuations in the economy , unexpected market turns, some professions becoming obsolete while others require new skills and resources—all of these present just part of the complicated picture of circumstances that today seem to underlie individual, national, and global uncertainty.   But is there a secure source of supply, an inexhaustible resource to which we can turn that will never run out or become obsolete? Can we find today a secure foundation for life and happiness and continuing progress?  Thankfully, the answer is a resounding yes! It comes from what might at first seem to be an unexpected source—the spiritual nature of man and his unbreakable relationship to God, who is revealed through the teachings of the Bible and Christian Science to be the source of all good.