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Healing after a breakup

I’d never been fond of the idea of outer space. I’d never liked imagining what it would be like to exist in a vacuum, without gravity, and with no sense of place or orientation.

In the fall of 2015 , Sixth Church of Christ, Scientist, Washington, DC, hosted an inspirational meeting in order to better understand the connection between The Christian Science Monitor and healing. At this event, we watched an insightful video produced by The Mother Church, “A conversation about The Christian Science Monitor with our church family,” and then discussed the questions asked in the video.

Yield to the divine intelligence

When the Apostle Paul referred, in his letter to the Romans, to “the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God” ( 11:33 ), he was speaking from the authority of his own life experience, in which he had felt God’s mighty power redeeming him in a way beyond what the human mind could understand. He recognized his relationship to the one all-wise, all-knowing God, and this radically changed his life for the better.

The basis for true fulfillment

“I need more ___. ” How would you fill in the blank? I need more money? More time? More friends? More patience? Isn’t it interesting that the underlying premise for all these desires is the belief that we are somehow incomplete, and that we can find fulfillment only by filling this assumed void through the addition of something that is not presently ours? The desire to accumulate things or knowledge or attributes to correct some lack or deficiency seems to enter into almost every aspect of human life, and it parades itself under the guise of personal growth or personal fulfillment.

If I could email Daniel …

I just finished chapter 6 in the book of Daniel in the Bible—Daniel of lions’ den fame. Wow! If he were around now, I’d feel impelled to email him.

Good always emerges

Christian Science blesses mankind with the encouraging truth that, out of every experience, however cruel or unjustified to human sense, a clearer sense of the goodness of God, and the powerlessness of evil, must ultimately emerge.   Regarding the Science of Christianity, for instance, confrontations with imposition and condemnation, along with the victories that follow, certainly are nothing new.

Divine Love’s law of supply

The need for right supply is such an important issue because it relates to every facet of human experience, both on an individual and a global level. Supply needs to be demonstrated in terms of having enough food and clean water for a growing population, enough financial resources for individuals and municipalities, jobs for people to earn a decent living, affordable housing for all, and even spiritual inspiration to draw on so that we can find healing in difficulties that may arise and live a meaningful and purpose-filled life.

Proving Principle

Sometimes it may seem that what we want most in life is healing. Perhaps we’ve struggled with a long-term illness or condition.

Defined by God, not material history

The Apostle Paul tells us that if we are “in Christ,” we are “a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” ( II Corinthians 5:17 ). Some Bible commentaries put forth the idea that to be “in Christ” is to be “united” with Christ.

Soul, body, the Holy Ghost—and healing

Sometimes ideas converge in a new and inspiring way that brings spiritual light right at the moment we need it. Recently, while flying at 38,000 feet on a transatlantic flight, I had an insight about the relation between Soul, body, and the Holy Ghost that brought about an instantaneous healing.