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My church is a healing church. If you’ve grown up as a Christian Scientist, you may have heard this phrase enough times to tune it out.

The significance of two or three

The small Christian Science Society of which I am a member is actively seeking ways to more effectively serve our local community. Currently, I’m serving as its First Reader.

Two uplifting insights

Even when we are familiar with statements of Christ Jesus, we can find his words opening up in fresh and inspiring ways in our thought. God, Spirit, sheds new light on them.

Following the Christ

When I moved into my first apartment, on my list of things to buy for my room was artwork. So I went to a store, picked out a couple of pieces I thought were nice-looking, and hung them on the wall.

Is there a recipe for spiritual healing?

Before you make a batch of coconut swirls or prepare a crème fraîche, you locate what you hope is a foolproof recipe in a cookbook or online, or on a TV cooking show. Then you gather together the ingredients and measure out the quantities needed.

The spirit of Love at church

There is a statement in the Christian Science textbook that has helped me get my priorities straight and brought healing time and time again. It says, “The vital part, the heart and soul of Christian Science, is Love” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p.

The fruits of Christly prayer

As students of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings, many of us have found that ideas we feel we don’t fully grasp—as well as those we may think we already do!—can continually yield new, fresh insights as we pray for inspiration. In my own experience, the account of Christ Jesus’ rebuking of the fig tree that bore no fruit (see Matthew 21:18–22 ) stands out as an example of this.

A desire to help and heal

From an early age I wanted to help people. When I was young, I was a student of the Bible.

Help for refugees

Things looked bad all over the country. Crops had failed and famine gnawed the land.

Being awake

The counter to any detrimental influence that may cross our path on any given day lies in understanding—and being awake to—the totality of the divine Mind, God, and recognizing the inherent indivisibility of this Mind and its idea, man. When we consistently give our consent to allow only the infinite intelligence that is God to influence us, we naturally demonstrate greater clarity of thought and action.