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Healing and the Christian Science textbook

Though I was raised in a home where my parents knew of Christian Science, it was not practiced, and I grew resentful of it. Despite the marvelous things I knew about it, I blamed my parents and Christian Science for my unhappy life.

Speaking freely

Sitting in my high school English class several years ago, I could have sworn that the hands on the clock on the wall never moved. I was watching it, I confess, hoping the bell would ring, signaling the end of class.

A thank you to a Sunday School teacher

The author reflects on some lessons a Sunday school teacher taught.

‘Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy’

During a meal I was having with friends, their conversation revolved around the idea that some of the Ten Commandments, found in the Bible (see Exodus 20:3–17 ), are no longer pertinent. This meant for them that the basic laws on which Christianity rests are no longer credible because of the evolution of modern society.

Experiencing peace through Christ

 I want to share with you an experience I know about, where the concepts of understanding, forgiveness, grace, and love were deeply accepted, and healing followed. The proof of understanding is demonstration, and this is living Christian Science.

Streams of Love

It was 10:20 one Sunday morning when I arrived at church. The organ prelude had just begun.

Redemption through God’s love

Years ago I committed a staggering act of infidelity. This selfish act contributed to the loss of my marriage and left many people hurt, including those I loved most.

Making the effort to pray

When I went into the public practice of Christian Science healing, a fellow Christian Science practitioner told me, “If it’s not a joy, it isn’t Christian Science. ” Certainly, in our prayer and treatment of others, it is a joy to recognize the power of God, divine Life, Truth, and Love, and to understand the infinite presence of God’s spiritual qualities.

Your life — ‘hid with Christ’

There’s more to your existence than meets the eye. In your life today abounds more goodness, harmony, and wholeness than you can humanly know or observe.

An eternal Christmas

I don’t think my home was ever as beautiful. Peace had descended.