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 Being invited to attend a practitioner roundtable last spring gave me good reason to reflect on my journey into the public practice of Christian Science healing and to take stock of the many blessings that have unfolded for me. One of the many memorable experiences along the way was the initial “call” to start my practice of Christian Science healing.

On Saturday , November 15, 2014, I attended the first roundtable of the day in New York City for church members interested in strengthening their practice of Christian Science. It was such an inspirational, uplifting morning! Before I attended the meeting, I wondered if it would be an informational lecture, a “Q and A,” or if we would be asked to take some kind of test or fill out questionnaires.

Defending dignity, witnessing healing

Don’t you love it when ideas come and bring with them a new level of spiritual understanding? In Psalm 37 , the 37th verse reads, “Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace. ” I’d thought that the first word, mark, mostly had to do with vision—to identify, find, behold, or observe.

Make way for Truth and Love

It was autumn , and, as I live in Oregon, it was raining. There had been a notice in the newspaper about blocked storm drains, asking people to help clear them since the city could not keep them all clear all the time.

An ‘excellent spirit’ is in you

It had been a rough couple of months in my business. Everything was at a standstill.

Acknowledging the message, and the messenger

One morning while planting flowers in my garden, I suddenly began to feel severe discomfort and pain. As I rose, with the full intention of going into our home to pray, these words came to me: “Wait, and love more for every hate, and fear / No ill,—since God is good, and loss is gain” ( Poems , p.

Our pure origin and heritage

Is our true origin and heritage based on material conditions and genetics? Or is it pure, eternal, and spiritual? We find insight on this in First John, where we read, “Beloved, now are we the sons of God” ( 3:2 ). This divine fact, that right now we all are the very sons and daughters of God, Spirit, provides the basis for healing.

Progress: evidence of God’s unfoldment

Does this sound familiar? An irritating thought or situation comes up in our lives, and we feel as if we can’t get past it. In fact it seems as if the problem, instead of God, is determining what we do and is standing in the way of the progress we hope for.

Our real purpose for prayer

When Ferdinand Magellan set sail in 1519, his objective was not to make the earth round. He was simply demonstrating what he knew to be true—that the earth was already round.

Defending our innocence

 The dictionary defines innocence as being free from guilt or sin, being unacquainted with evil. In Christian Science, we learn that innocence is the manifestation of the goodness of God, which is expressed in everything He creates.