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A necessary revival

Our branch church membership viewed the online video put out by the Christian Science Board of Directors of The Mother Church and read a related letter from the Board about the healing mission of church. Editor’s note: You can read the Board’s letter and view the video online at christianscience.

Living Sunday School lessons

When I was a senior in high school, our Sunday School teacher made us a promise: We could bring any question or any situation troubling us to class and he would help us find an answer from that week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson. He kept his word and in doing so demonstrated to us the inestimable value of studying the Bible Lesson every day.

Abiding safely in Spirit and its fruits

We discover in Christian Science the complete safety and freedom that come from understanding and acknowledging God, good, as the one and only power. Through our study and demonstration of these teachings, we increasingly learn that evil is not real or powerful or something to be feared.

The one, perfect creation

In the office of a Christian Science practitioner, I was once asked this rhetorical question: “You do know that there is only one of each right idea, don’t you?” As I learned from this conversation, everything we think of as “material”—a body, a mortal, a tree—is only a mistaken sense of the one idea that is really there—the perfect manifestation of God. As Mary Baker Eddy states in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures , “Identity is the reflection of Spirit, the reflection in multifarious forms of the living Principle, Love” ( p.

An effective way to pray

 Do you ever watch the evening news and wish you could make all the problems disappear? I have. I’ve often thought, “How could our world, so filled with good, have so many problems?” I wanted the people living in war-torn areas to live without fear.

Justice in the Court of Spirit

A court is a place where judgments are made according to law, and depending on the caliber of the jurisdiction and the laws within it, these judgments are fair, unjust, or something in between. Most people are familiar with how a legal system operates in the human realm but may be less aware of how law applies in the realm of Spirit.

The moving train—and a lesson about illusion

On a train from Rome to Florence, Italy, looking over my ticket, I suddenly realized I was on the wrong train—an express train—and my ticket was for a local one with a few stops along the way. I looked out the window, searching for the departure board for other trains to Florence, when my train started to move.

No healing yet? Silence the antichrist!

There were those in Old Testament days who anticipated and experienced the coming of the Christ. Certainly Moses felt, in an extraordinary, practical way, the action of Christ when his flesh turned from health to leprosy and then back to health (see Exodus 4:6, 7 ).

God’s protection is always with us

This author finds that, whether on the football field or in a war zone, God’s protection is always available.

God’s guidance blesses all

This author learns that a right idea includes the supply needed to bring it to complete fruition.