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To defeat a bully

For the first two terms in my first year as a high school student, I was bullied relentlessly. Other boys my age experienced the same difficulties.

Healing ideas from the tares and the wheat

The parable of the tares and the wheat (see Matthew 13:24–30, 36–43 ) can help us see the permanency and abundant prosperity of man as God’s perfect image, pure, innocent, free, and strong. Studying this parable, letting it speak to us, and seeing its application to our own lives can increase our knowledge of God and bring peace and healing.

Never Alone—always with God

Over the years I have walked in nature many times. I have enjoyed walking alone so that I could have time to pray and commune with God.

Why seek less than the kingdom of God?

Why settle for the added thing when you can have the kingdom of God? That question occurred to me a few years ago when I was in the midst of a job search. It was evident I had outgrown my current role, and there did not seem to be any other openings within the organization.

From conflict to harmony at church

When washing dishes , the best results come when we use clean water. The same principle applies to washing hands and clothes.

Our ‘closet’ of heartfelt, healing prayer

A few years ago I heard about a little boy who loved learning about his Father-Mother God. In Christian Science Sunday School class he had learned about Christ Jesus’ teaching concerning prayer.

Anyone who has taken a calculus class has probably heard of philosopher, mathematician, and statesman Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Visitors to Paris may have encountered a street there named after him, the Rue Leibniz.

Always ‘above water’

When I recently called a friend to see how she was doing regarding some challenging family issues, she said, “Well, I’m keeping my head above water. ” In thinking about what I could say that might be helpful, the following came to mind.

The joy of growing spiritually

If you think it’s odd to feel that deep study, prayer, and spiritual growth in Christian Science are joyous—well, consider this: What’s not deeply joy-filled about beginning to understand and prove the limitless possibilities of overcoming the limitations and inharmonies of matter? What’s not inspiring about beginning step by step to prove that matter, with all its boasting claims of being real substance, isn’t what it appears to be? Mary Baker Eddy described a period of deep study after her discovery of Christian Science. She searched the Bible to find out more about what lay behind the significant healing she’d experienced at that time.

The ‘right hand of God’ comes to our defense

The day before my oral defense for my doctorate degree, I sat in my advisor’s office, basking in her glowing feedback about my dissertation. But she concluded her compliments with the statement, “I just hope you pass the defense.