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Fostering children in India

In May 2011, Ian Anand Forber-Pratt sold his possessions and moved from the United States to India to pursue his dream. Adopted from India as a baby by an American-Canadian couple, Ian was returning to his native country to found an organization called Foster Care India (FCI).

Release from addiction

In this JSH-Online. com audio podcast, adapted for print and originally titled “Addiction—over and out,” Christian Science practitioner Tony Lobl spoke with Audio Producer Rita Polatin.

ChristianScience.com redesign: a healing opportunity

The Christian Science Board of Directors has given much thought and prayer to a new redesign of the primary website representing Christian Science online: christianscience. com.

Learning to love spiritually

In this JSH-Online. com audio podcast, adapted for print, Christian Science practitioner and teacher Phil Davis spoke with Audio Producer Rita Polatin.

In Nigeria, proofs of God’s healing power

Godwin Anakor is a Christian Science practitioner and teacher from Enugu, Nigeria. In a series of email exchanges we corresponded about his journey into Christian Science as well as some of the serious issues confronting Nigeria and West Africa that he has been praying about.

Getting to know God better

In this JSH-Online. com audio podcast, adapted for print, Christian Science practitioner John Rinnert spoke with Audio Producer Will Pappas.

Stop marginalizing Christian Science!

Kari Mashos, a Christian Science practitioner and teacher, believes that there is a strong need today for Christian Scientists to be alert to make sure they are not diminishing or devaluing the Science of Christianity in their own thinking. She is especially mindful of an atheist movement of thought that would marginalize all religion, including Christian Science, which heals through the power and presence of God.

Institutional work: sharing Christian Science with our fellow man

Many branch Churches of Christ, Scientist, and Christian Science Societies support institutional committees or have individual members who participate in institutional work, engaging with people in such places as prisons or hospitals. Hugh Eccles, Bob Woodard, and Patricia Woodard are all involved with this kind of activity, volunteering their time to conduct Christian Science services, discuss Christian Science, and sponsor Christian Science lectures in jails and prisons in their respective areas.

Healing—its demands and rewards

Timothy MacDonald has been a Christian Science practitioner and teacher for many years. In a phone call, I spoke to him about what led him to become a practitioner, why he wants to encourage others to consider pursuing this healing ministry for themselves, and some of the lessons he’s learned along the way about what it takes to be a successful practitioner.

Embracing a new generation

A team of dedicated Church employees works daily to provide fresh and inspiring resources to young students of Christian Science. They work with Christian Science Organizations on college campuses around the world, help plan youth summits, support Sunday School superintendents and teachers, and publish blogs and discussion questions on their website, time4thinkers.