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Healing—its demands and rewards

Timothy MacDonald has been a Christian Science practitioner and teacher for many years. In a phone call, I spoke to him about what led him to become a practitioner, why he wants to encourage others to consider pursuing this healing ministry for themselves, and some of the lessons he’s learned along the way about what it takes to be a successful practitioner.

Embracing a new generation

A team of dedicated Church employees works daily to provide fresh and inspiring resources to young students of Christian Science. They work with Christian Science Organizations on college campuses around the world, help plan youth summits, support Sunday School superintendents and teachers, and publish blogs and discussion questions on their website, time4thinkers.

Mary Baker Eddy’s books: always fresh, inspiring, and healing

Jen McLaughlin still vividly recalls the expectancy of healing that led her, many years ago, to turn to the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures  after skinning her knees in a fall from her bike. Even as a little girl she had an unwavering confidence that the truth in these books would bring freedom from injury and pain.

‘Judge righteous judgment’

In this JSH-Online. com audio podcast , adapted for print, Christian Science practitioner and teacher Kevin Graunke spoke with Audio Producer Rita Polatin.

The rich history of Christian Science

The Mary Baker Eddy Library is an incredible resource for anyone interested in Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science. From supporting top-notch scholarship and research about Mrs.

Healing pain

In this JSH-Online. com audio podcast, adapted for print, Christian Science practitioner Kurt Stark spoke with Audio Producer Rita Polatin.

‘Feed my sheep’—Deepening our commitment to healing

For Valerie Unger, “Feed my sheep”—instruction from Christ Jesus that she has been thinking a great deal about lately—serves as an apt job description. As Manager of Branch and Reading Room Activities at The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, she has found this to be a guiding light for her and her colleagues in nurturing its branches and societies, and in helping strengthen their foundation in Christ-healing.

The Christian Science Monitor: central to our healing practice

The year that Mary Baker Eddy established The Christian Science Monitor , its Editor-in-Chief, Archibald McLellan, wrote that Christian Scientists were “requested to subscribe for the Monitor”  because its success rested solely on their support, though they alone would not be interested in a paper of such high quality and “character” ( Christian Science Sentinel,   October 17, 1908 ). More than simply subscribe to the Monitor,  or read it, the expectation was that Christian Scientists everywhere would engage with its content on a deeply spiritual level, in order to help meet humanity’s pressing need for stability, justice, peace, and healing, in a challenging world.

Christmas, present

Mary Baker Eddy authored a wide range of articles, essays, and letters on Christmas, all found in Prose Works.   These writings by Mary Baker Eddy are collected in the book  What Christmas Means to Me and Other Christmas Messages.

Healing and the Christian Science periodicals

David Kennedy, Editor of the Christian Science magazines, has been thinking and praying about the magazines Mary Baker Eddy founded since he began writing for them in 1975. In this interview with Managing Editor, Susan Stark, David talks about the importance of faithfully and clearly conveying the teachings of Christian Science in its applicability to all of humanity’s needs.