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A call to action

Almost a year ago we announced the Sterling edition of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures . This edition presents our Pastor in an elegant, inviting format that makes it easy to get to the best part of these books—what’s inside.

A friendlier Monitor

We hope that many of you have already noticed the design improvements to The Christian Science Monitor that arrived this summer. They should be hard to miss.

The Monitor—an ‘amazing’ gift

Newspapers used to be simple. Everybody got roughly the same news in the same bundle.

New books!

Mary Baker Eddy said about our Pastor, “Science & Health and the blessed Bible are the only two books that lead you surest in the right way” (L04913, Mary Baker Eddy to Mrs. S.

Giving the gift of JSH-Online

For all of us who strive to make the Christian Science periodicals as widely available as possible, it has been a joy to watch the reader’s engagement with The Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, and Herald grow over the past 18 months. Nowhere has this been more visible than on JSH-Online.

Getting the real news

During the past year, editorial and publishing personnel at The Christian Science Monitor have been seeking a deeper understanding of the unique purpose of the Monitor . We revisited Mary Baker Eddy’s vision and how that’s been carried out during more than a century of Monitor journalism.

JSH-Online: More on the way

Have you ever had something almost overnight change the way you do something? Something which becomes so natural and helpful that you can’t imagine you ever did without it? For thousands of our online readers, JSH-Online has become that “something. ” Just 18 months after JSH-Online was introduced, it has served over 15 million page views, and welcomed over 100,000 visitors who have come to read articles that were shared with them by individual JSH-Online readers using e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter.

Changes to the Journal Directory

In the Journal’ s beginning years, dating back to 1883, many readers literally went to a Christian Science practitioner’s residence when they sought healing treatment. Telephones were not as accessible as they are today.

JSH-Online and social media

The way we communicate   with others continues to change. People today talk less and text more; there’s less “snail” mail and more e-mail; and geographically distant friends are connecting in online communities through social networks.

Seed sowing

In print, on the Web, and via e-mail, millions of individuals come into contact with The Christian Science Monitor and other publications of The Christian Science Publishing Society each month. But then what? Jesus’ parable of the sower and the seed might provide an answer (see Mark 4:1–20 ).