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A fire within

In stillness    of prayer There’s a fire    within Lighting the way Over discord and    sin Its oil of pure    gladness Rejoices the heart On heaven-bound    journey Where grace has its start  There lessons    await Love’s claiming    its own In nearness and    dearness Its children are known As chaff from    the wheat Love does refine Calling all in    its kingdom Thou art mine Thou art mine —G. Gershala Goldsmith.

The voice of Truth

Not in the earthquake or the flame, The wracking wind, or violence, came    The voice of Truth—omnipotence. But in the stillness and the calm, Omniscient quietude—the balm    Of Love’s supernal evidence.

Healing waters

in the midst of your Sahara parched with fear, or weary with looking for some oasis— some relief from your distress a lake before your feet awaits your own discovery shimmering with grace deep within, healing waters flow from the fount of Soul kneeling, you feel a trickle first then in your yielding, a stream cleansing you, refreshing you, buoying you above the mortal view a river quenching all your thirst so you find yourself and others totally engulfed, immersed in Love I have felt it gush upon my brother and I was healed by God’s Niagara love. —Nancy Humphrey Case.

To wait on God

To wait on God Is not to fret alone through mortal time, Or suffer silently Within a lingering limbo. But turning thought to God The ever-present Mind Reveals we cannot stray before or fall behind, But keep at perfect point Of heavenly leading.

Prodigal journey

See Luke, chapter 15 it wasn’t until I found myself begging for the privilege of feeding pigs and saw that they were a sight far more precious than I in the eyes of their citizen that I could see how far I had fallen in my own eyes: desperate for husks discarded by pigs all my pearls squandered my heart a famished wasteland suddenly riches seemed so simple: all I wanted was bread a bed a place to serve and I could see that what my Father had really given to me couldn’t be wasted hadn’t run out but lay hidden a well-spring within me the journey home felt light there was no need to rush the rubble had been cleared the way made plain the look in His eyes confirmed what I had already gleaned arms wide open air pulsating with song: no end child no end to this love —Joni Overton-Jung.

Waiting for the light (a photographer’s prayer)

Equipped with the camera of divine Mind, using the close-up lens of Science, I zoom in to focus on Truth. I magnify good.

The shape of today

Today has elastic sides! Whether it be wide-blown   by winds of change, or drawn close   for inner growth, it is shaped by the hand   of divine purpose. There are times to run   and times to pause, times to listen   and times to obey, times to plan for   and times of surprise, each patterned by Soul’s   unfailing grace.

‘Fed by Thy love’

As manna for the wandering children As water from the rock did flow As the prophet fed by ravens As the widow’s oil did grow As the Psalmist’s table wild For foe and friend prepared a place, Anointing each with holy oil ’til cups ran o’er with heavenly grace. As thousands fed from two small fish As nuptial water turned to wine, So may all be fed by Your love From an endless source, divine.

An aluminum gray day

The cloud rested on the ground. Very slowly, little by little,  the green of the pasture showed itself.

Peace, be still

The Christ rebuke is “Peace, be still,” * Mark 4:39 To silence stubborn, Human will To stop the gossip, Shut the door, To halt the worry— Fear no more And when the tumult Finally wanes, A deep and settled Calm remains As thought is under God’s control, Revealing man as Pure and whole. — Carol Dismore.