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Waiting for the light (a photographer’s prayer)

Equipped with the camera of divine Mind, using the close-up lens of Science, I zoom in to focus on Truth. I magnify good.

The shape of today

Today has elastic sides! Whether it be wide-blown   by winds of change, or drawn close   for inner growth, it is shaped by the hand   of divine purpose. There are times to run   and times to pause, times to listen   and times to obey, times to plan for   and times of surprise, each patterned by Soul’s   unfailing grace.

‘Fed by Thy love’

As manna for the wandering children As water from the rock did flow As the prophet fed by ravens As the widow’s oil did grow As the Psalmist’s table wild For foe and friend prepared a place, Anointing each with holy oil ’til cups ran o’er with heavenly grace. As thousands fed from two small fish As nuptial water turned to wine, So may all be fed by Your love From an endless source, divine.

An aluminum gray day

The cloud rested on the ground. Very slowly, little by little,  the green of the pasture showed itself.

Peace, be still

The Christ rebuke is “Peace, be still,” * Mark 4:39 To silence stubborn, Human will To stop the gossip, Shut the door, To halt the worry— Fear no more And when the tumult Finally wanes, A deep and settled Calm remains As thought is under God’s control, Revealing man as Pure and whole. — Carol Dismore.

Joy constitutes man

Consider this —we’re made of joy— We’re not some sentience waiting to be pleased, judging conditions as propitious or alarming, manipulating circumstances, hoping that we’ll be glad instead of disappointed. Joy is what we are, and the whole grand purpose of our days sings out from here, dances in the rays of All That Is, already perfect, infinite, each moment designated to bring this essence forth as we rejoice in our unbounded worth.

In the Shepherd’s view

Lost and alone in a crevice deep Almost too far out of reach The frail little lamb was small and weak But the faithful shepherd thought Now the ninety-nine are all just fine And staying within my view, It is the lost that I must seek To bring him back to life anew. My crooked and sturdy staff I’ve brought Which will help me lift him up To pastures green near the peaceful stream So he can frolic with his fellow sheep.

Truth’s dawning

In the silent breaking  of the long spent night, With the quiet coming of the dawn’s pure light, Your senses are illumined, new, you hear Truth in your heart.   Mind’s seeing is our seeing.

The Prodigal’s Journey

The past calls out, “Look back, recount the wasted years!” But, Pilgrim, oh, do not look back. It’s trick of time to dim your eye with tears  lest today you see the way  to where the Christ may heal your fears.

At the manger

“For unto us a child is born … and the  government shall be upon his shoulder. ”  Isaiah 9:6 It wasn’t a child we saw— it was the Christ, the promised law, not in the swaddled babe but in the truth— suffusing us with light and blessed warmth, and more— a peace such as we’d never felt before He didn’t speak yet his appearing silenced all the savvy of the world— its wiliness and cleverness, and ways of winning— now suddenly inane, irrelevant For here is prophecy fulfilled not in some future time, but now— the law that says what wins is innocence shining forth this moment’s boundless worth:  The simple, pure reflection of almighty Truth has come to set us free and heal the earth.