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Wings are thoughts  which spread to catch the immortal breath of Spirit so Love will nudge the fledgling out to learn to brave earth’s wintry blasts then Mind enfolds with tender arms the heart unsure, the soul cast down and Christ speaks low when fear o’erwhelms, breaking the clouds, bearing thee home. —Benjamin Frederick.

Easter Morning*

“Mary. ” Then I recognized him as I always have, in the swift inrush of lift and the soft stirring like the wakening of families of birds in their close nests, (stretching in awareness of expansion) and the steady infusing of light from the very nature of my essence showing who I am, but hadn’t known— How could I doubt? He is risen! for Christ within me answers, as it always has.


the announcement reaches those listening: “your estimated time of arrival is before the time of departure” yep, you never left the One who loves you years restored time vanquished heart refreshed no sorrow weighing on shoulders but wings to fly buckets of tears disappear laughter unleashed no damage done clear and free untarnished now —Jennifer Ann Gordon.

In me, reign

Father, rule and reign in me Your hand to me extend— Yours to mine in sweet mercy often in this begin of day. My shuttered eyes awaken to Your living presence— breathe again heaven’s breath, I pray You rouse and reign in me.


A poem.

The inner voice

The inner voice became to him the voice of God see  Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures , p. 321:25-26 as Moses lifted up the serpent of belief in separate mind and Oneness spoke aloud that Mind-asserted “I AM All”—reclaimed its full ascendancy to make the serpent, rod.

Sonnet to translators of God’s Word

Amorphous concepts dance and dart and reel and tantalize with some quick glimpse of pale remembered form, but no sounds come regale the mental ear, the message to unseal. Can’t Babel’s walls we undermine or scale, or make to fall when clarion call they feel? Newly-definèd thoughts break forth and peal aloud when humbly Mind’s all-power we hail.

Spiritual Scout

Be (the am of I Am), A Joshua (the Lord is salvation), A Caleb (faithfulness) A spiritual scout (scribe under orders); Exploring (persistent prayer) Claiming (law of progress), The Promised Land (Kingdom of Heaven)  Within (revelation). — Gary Duke.


Struggling no more, singing out loud!  Awash in Love, now Truth is found;  graciously governed by all-good Soul planted on holy, infinite ground, where affection, joy, beauty, abound, peace-filled, secure, spiritual, sound. — Suzanne Goewert.

“ ‘ I the Lord thy God . . .*

Am a jealous God’—indeed, Yet every whit Love, I defend my children from false suitors— From seducing thoughts of fear, sin, or harm— Compelling inmost, intimate response to Christ’s ‘Peace, be still. ’ ” * We, each of us— Humble before the Creator— Know again the ancient covenant: “I was with you when ‘the morning stars sang together,’ * And will be still, when stars give place to eternal light.