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Beyond and above

Candles of sunlight      dance as they rise O’er dappled green      meadows Joying my eyes Yet beyond and above      a moment in time Glows the light true      eternal, sublime Its ineffable joy The kingdom within Where vast views of      heaven Forever have been In that sweet secret      place Of grandeur and might Ever safe, ever held In Truth’s marvelous light —G. Gershala Goldsmith.

Ask me this

Ask me not about time nor space nor age nor about my sons or daughters. Talk to me not about the weather or the media nor ask my vocation or location nor query my involvement   in politics or society no matter how kindly meant.

The sovereign God

Everywhere and every hour The Lord upholds all life. The presence of eternal Mind Is here to still all strife.


On the crashing shores,      the ebb and flow of sense, I cry— Feed my famished heart!      Satisfy my yearning for higher, purer ways.      Quicken my affections in the radiance of the real,        the shelter of Spirit’s embrace.

Fresh oil

For thou, Lord, hast made me glad through thy work:… I shall be anointed with fresh oil.   — Psalms 92:4, 10 In the quiet of morning I kneel my thoughts Before Love divine To hear God’s voice, To receive God’s Word; In this precious communion I can feel God’s closeness, His tender comfort, I grasp fresh glimpses Of His truth; I bow my head In humility And thank Him for This spiritual nourishment, The oil of inspiration.

Our Pastor’s Sermon

Dear weekly Lesson-Sermon, You’re a vehicle for Soul To speak our Pastor’s message; This is your sacred role. Your message in each Sermon Brings our Pastor ever near, The Word of God around the globe, Eliminating fear.

No fall from Love’s eternal grace

If Love is God, whose grace cannot be thwarted, then Love prevails, and you and I endure. Like oil and meal multiplied, and Cana’s water turned to wine, the good at hand, our very substance, springs afresh and ever new.

God’s love is infinite

Matthew 5:43–45, 48   You may have heard men say Love your neighbor; hate your enemy. Our Master knew a kinder way: Love your enemies, include them Each time you pause to pray, So you may prove yourself a daughter or son  Of your Father, the heavenly One.


Reach out to God Right where you are And as you are He is right there With you Loving you completely, Unconditionally, Seeing you as His perfect, Precious child. Reach within For the higher, truer thoughts Of your identity, They lift you above The clamor of matter’s lies And help you realize Your spiritual being.

A fire within

In stillness    of prayer There’s a fire    within Lighting the way Over discord and    sin Its oil of pure    gladness Rejoices the heart On heaven-bound    journey Where grace has its start  There lessons    await Love’s claiming    its own In nearness and    dearness Its children are known As chaff from    the wheat Love does refine Calling all in    its kingdom Thou art mine Thou art mine —G. Gershala Goldsmith.