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My healing of an eating disorder

“You’re not Eating?” I can’t even count the number of times I heard that question during my first few years of high school. And I dreaded answering it—mostly because it was difficult to explain just how hard the simple task of eating had become for me.

Sharing Christian Science brings unexpected blessings

It’s a great privilege, when appropriate, to share Christian Science with others—such as welcoming our neighbors’ children to our Sunday Schools, inviting newcomers to Christian Science lectures or church services, or sharing Christian Science literature. Many years ago, when I was a high school student in South Korea and just a beginner in the study of Christian Science, I mistakenly thought that I could not help others unless I had been through Primary class instruction in Christian Science and had decades of studying the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings under my belt.

A healing lecture in India

Members of my Christian Science Society in Chandigarh, India, were praying for our community in response to news of people under the attack of chikungunya and dengue fever. In addition, we wanted to share with our community the way to health through Christian Science.

Over fifty years flu-free

One day when my girls were small, I woke with early symptoms of the flu. Those same symptoms had repeatedly led to the flu in my high school and college years.

Church—a beacon of light

A little girl I know was fascinated by the beautiful floodlit church in her town near Oxford, England. One night when she passed by with her father, it was in total darkness.

The promise of the seed

Last spring an apricot tree in my backyard surprised me. After five years of producing no fruit, there was a profusion of delicate pink flowers.

Life—never eclipsed

The alarm rang in the wee hours of the morning, well before many people would consider rising. I got up, dressed, and trudged downstairs to go outside to witness a lunar eclipse.

The power of the First Commandment

We​ know that when human laws are good and right—such as traffic laws, for example—they are designed to keep us safe when obeyed. But what about obedience to God’s law, particularly the first of the Ten Commandments? Many have proved that such obedience brings not only safety, but a sense of spiritual power and dominion.

Christian healing: scientific, not miraculous

Science often explains things that would otherwise seem inexplicable to the onlooker. For example, it may look as if there is nothing to support the weight of a plane as it lifts off.

Spirit-centered attention

In the silence just before a concert begins, listeners witness a moment of total focus onstage. A single note sounds.