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The Christian Science Monitor: uplifting the spirit of humanity

The following is an edited summary of the 2017 Annual Meeting workshop “ The Christian Science Monitor:  uplifting the spirit of humanity,” held on June 3 in the Extension of The Mother Church and broadcast live online. To watch the complete replay, visit christianscience.

Challenge matter-based assumptions with prayer

My friend had a healing that took her by surprise. She wasn’t amazed that she’d been healed; she had expected that.

How can we think about the violence in the Bible?

While vast numbers of people find comfort and healing in the Bible’s spiritual meaning, many pages of the Bible are filled with violence. To interpret the Scriptures in an authentic way—and to find inspiration even in those passages depicting violence and death—we need to deal with and confront that violent record truthfully and openly, and with deep prayer.

Pray with what you do know!

Many realize that we can’t demonstrate, or prove, what we don’t understand, neither do we understand what we don’t demonstrate. Understanding and demonstration go hand in hand and are essential to each other.

Defeating evil’s scenarios

One of the most precious gifts that God gives each one of us is spiritual sense, our inherent ability to understand God and to discern the reality of good. We can always exercise this God-derived insight to rightly assess the quality of our thoughts and actions, to distinguish between what’s right and what needs correcting and uplifting, so that we better conform to God-modeled thinking and behavior.

The world we truly live in

Some things work . Others don’t.

Pilgrims on Earth

The author of Hebrews wrote about the great faith of Abraham and other early Bible worthies, who “confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth. For they that say such things declare plainly that they seek a country.

Each year, our church sponsors a Christian Science lecture, given by a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship. The lecture is for the community, on a topic we feel will particularly bless others.

The following is an edited excerpt of the Christian Science Associations Workshop held June 4, 2017, the day before Annual Meeting, in the Extension of The Mother Church. It was also broadcast live online, and you can watch the complete replay at christianscience.

Protection in a threatening moment

Many years ago, my husband and I were visiting his family in California. I went into the garage to bring in another gallon container of water to finish filling the dinner glasses.