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Me first? Or God first?

Are you the “me first” type? If you’d asked me that question during my teens and early twenties, I probably would have said no. After all, I loved God—a lot.

‘Undivorced from truth’

“Fake news” is something we hear a lot about these days. It’s so pervasive in today’s media world that it can be difficult to know what news sources can be trusted.

Loving God’s children

Many years ago I was asked by the London County Council, which was responsible for educating the children in inner London, if I would be willing to teach the youngest class in a school for “deprived” children. These youngsters were in the care of the state because their families had broken up.

What I’m learning from teaching teens in Sunday School

I teach a Sunday School class for teenagers. In the fall of 2017, the class became very challenging.

Password protect your consciousness

We use passwords to protect our computers, cellphones, and online accounts. We do this because, of course, we don’t want anything or anyone to access and corrupt our important personal information.

A humbling experience

On a summer vacation, I was feeling especially proud and assured as my motorcycle galloped the sinuous blacktop in the hills of Northern California. I put the bike on cruise control, and was feeling invincible and on top of the world.

An early morning lesson

Early morning walks with my dog are always a peaceful time, and with no one else around, they are a great opportunity for quiet prayer and communing with God. One morning as I began to enter the woods, the sunlight burst through the trees in all its splendor and glory.

God and reflection

So often, The Bible beautifully brings forward the spiritual sense of familiar concepts. For instance, in Second Corinthians, reflection is revealed as more than merely a physical phenomenon: “We all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord” ( 3:18 ).

Available, approachable, understandable

When I first opened my heart to taking what I was learning in Christian Science about the allness of God and expanding it beyond the walls of my own household, there was a keen desire to be a blessing to others. With this in mind, I strived to ground my daily endeavors and communications in three ideals: being available, approachable, and understandable.

Spiritual light—and better weather

For months, I had looked forward to time away from my busy work schedule. But when I was able to fit in a one-week vacation, the first four days were full of fog and drizzling rain.