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Dedication of a branch church or society is a public affirmation of the importance of Church in the lives of Christian Scientists and in the community. When an edifice is free of debt, churches and societies often hold a dedicatory service.

I am so grateful to have served as First Reader in my branch Church of Christ, Scientist, in New York City. I have so appreciated learning what it means to let go of a too-personal sense of responsibility and trust that each church service is really God’s service, and that God has a specific message for His congregation.

Instruction of inestimable value

Is it really worthwhile to have Christian Science Primary class instruction from an authorized teacher listed in The Christian Science Journal? Is it worthwhile to spend the money on travel, food, lodging, to take time off from work, and to pay the modest $100 fee to the Christian Science teacher for this two-week class? I would say … absolutely! I decided when I was twenty that I wanted and needed Primary class instruction in Christian Science—that this step would be invaluable for my spiritual growth. When I met my teacher, who was also a Christian Science lecturer, I was quickly convinced that he was the right teacher for me.

Refuse to accept the distorted view

In studying the Bible, I have learned that man’s perfection as a child of God is eternal and unchanging. In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy writes, “The Scriptures inform us that man is made in the image and likeness of God” ( p.

The value of spiritual logic

Realizing the value of a spiritual approach to life may begin meekly. It can start with having a sneaking suspicion that there is something fraudulent in the explanation of our existence as purely material.

Can we pray about the weather?

“I don’t even know how to pray about that!” a friend complained recently when discussing a current world issue. “How could my prayer affect something so … big?” I had to smile, because I remembered a time when I would have given the same answer: Pray about world peace, world hunger, an epidemic, troubling weather patterns? What would be the point? Things like that don’t change.

Purity and ‘seeing’ God

When I think about purity, the Bible verse that springs most readily to mind comes from the Sermon on the Mount: “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God” ( Matthew 5:8 ). Those words, spoken by Christ Jesus, leave me in awe of their simplicity and the beauty of their promise.

‘God will give you your prayer …’

This can be a deeply reassuring message, especially if we are feeling unsettled or fearful and our efforts to pray seem unfocused or ineffective. Recently I awoke in the night feeling ill and very uncomfortable.

Pray for all in authority

Many people feel it is important to pray for government and leadership. But how do we do that? And given the magnitude and complexity of the issues involved, can we really expect our prayers to be effective? Ananias, an early Christian in Damascus, must have faced questions like these when Saul of Tarsus came to his city “breathing out threatenings and slaughter” against members of the new faith (see Acts 9:1–20 ).

The Christian Science textbook—meant to be shared

I wanted to shout the good news from the housetops! That’s how I felt when I first read the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Its author, Mary Baker Eddy, dedicated the book to “honest seekers for Truth” ( p.