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Branch church dedication

Dedication of a branch church or society is a public affirmation of the importance of Church in the lives of Christian Scientists and in the community. When an edifice is free of debt, churches and societies often hold a dedicatory service.

From the Trustees under the Will of Mary Baker Eddy

We are pleased to let you know that funds are available for benevolence grants from the trust established under Clause 8 of Mary Baker Eddy’s will. These funds are devoted to the primary purpose of “more effectually promoting and extending the religion of Christian Science as taught by [Mary Baker Eddy].

The following is part two of a two-part edited and abridged transcript of the 2018 Annual Meeting workshop called “Reading Rooms and Sunday Schools in today’s world. ” Part one was published in last month’s issue of the Journal and concluded with remarks by the Reading Room Ambassador in the Church Activities Department of The Mother Church.

The armor of prayer

In warfare, when an enemy is defeated, his supply line, his munitions, his camp, are completely destroyed to ensure there will be no further attacks or danger. A friend shared that thought with me, and it later resulted in a quick and significant healing.

A refreshing glimpse of Spirit

I often like to think about and pray with the seven synonyms for God that Mary Baker Eddy gleaned from her study of the Bible and outlined in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, and Love. For example, I like to think about the fact that we are the reflection of Mind, expressing divine intelligence, wisdom, and perception.

Good is divinely natural

When something really good happens, often someone will say, “That was a miracle!” Such a statement suggests that the good expressed is unexpected, that the universe is governed by laws of nature that have conflict and limitation built in. That the universe can be a scary place.

We grow like the unfolding flower

I love giving away flowering bulbs to my friends during the winter months. Last year, I tried to think spiritually about these flowering bulbs, to look beyond their promise of material beauty to something more substantial.

Are you willing to be helped?

One evening, as my wife and I were going up the stairs with a crowd of people heading for a musical performance, a woman next to me stumbled and started to fall toward me. I instinctively put my hand under her elbow to prevent her from falling on the concrete steps, but she instantly pulled her arm away, saying nothing about the help I had been prepared to give her.

Christ’s love for us

When I was a boy on our dairy farm, I felt the Christ touching my thought in a very clear way. My dad would send me out to the pasture to gather the cows for the evening milking, and I recall that in winter, especially on Christmas Eve, I would stop and listen to the cows patiently chomping mouthfuls of hay.

The gift God gives—at Christmas and every day

Right now, across the globe, there is a great focus on Christmas, including a particular emphasis on the tradition of gifts and gift-giving. It would seem there has been a shift away from the Christ in Christmas, toward commerce, as the measure of a successful holiday season is calculated in revenue rather than the amount of peace on earth and universal goodwill.