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Dear Reader, This is a response we received from some of you when we posted questions to elicit your views on the pages of the Sentinel for several months. More accurately, the questions that came in were asking, “Why, when you can turn to divine Mind for guidance, do you need our opinions?”  We don’t.

True happiness comes from knowing God

One day my husband came home feeling very upset. Someone had made a comment to him that was very hurtful.

I recently heard a man say in a Christian Science organization testimony meeting, “If you are afraid or unsure of sharing the healing power of Christian Science, just know that, for me, my life was a lot harder before I learned about Christian Science. ” I certainly echo this sentiment in regard to my own life, having spent many years wandering in the wilderness of human beliefs searching for answers and divine inspiration.

After the storm

The darkening sky outside, threatening a winter storm, matched my sinking mood. It was my sophomore year of college, and I was feeling buffeted on all sides.

Putting Jesus’ words into practice

Recently I was quietly pondering these words of Christ Jesus: “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father” ( John 14:12 ). As I did, I imagined what Jesus might say to us today regarding his life and teaching.

Picture this scene described in the Gospels: Jesus has spent three days with multitudes of people, instructing them and healing all that were placed in his path. He doesn’t want them to leave hungry, but his disciples question where they will find enough food for everyone, because they are in the wilderness.

Righteous rebellion

I have found that in Christian Science there is a way to see rebellion in a spiritual light. Christian Science teaches that through following Christ Jesus’ example, we can rebel against any evil that we see or come across.

How are we formed?

In the book of Isaiah, God says of man, “I have created him for my glory, I have formed him” ( 43:7 ). How encouraging it is to learn that we each are formed for the glory of God.

Blessed to publish the gospel today

Thirty-five years had gone by since an outstanding healing I’d experienced took place. Before I’d had that healing, doctors had predicted I would suffer permanent brain damage or even death.

Light and the certainty of illumination

Ask a child to describe what light is, and one answer might be, “It’s what lets us see!” That simple logic is one of the reasons light so often appears to point to spiritual understanding in the Bible. Spiritual understanding enables us to discern God’s presence in our lives—expressed in health, harmony, and love—even as we may be struggling with a toilsome, and oftentimes turbulent, sense of existence.