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The right path to meaningful work

Many people at one point or another find themselves thinking that life seems unsatisfying or incomplete. They start to wonder, “How did I get here?” and “Why is everyone else’s life so much better?” Those kinds of questions began to define my own outlook.

Losing–and finding–faith

After years of searching for a relationship with God, this writer finds Christian Science, and peace of mind.

Led by the Shepherd

I have always loved living life spontaneously and being led by the Christ to wherever I’m needed. What unfolded to me over the course of a few months, not too long ago, was that the willingness to be shepherded involves spiritual intuition and prayer, and faith in the Shepherd.

I saw God's grace in Syria

About a year ago, I received a good lesson in the necessity of wholeheartedly trusting my life to God, our divine Father-Mother. I learned to yield to God’s infinite wisdom, and that there is nothing anyone can do to interfere with divine Love’s plan for us.

God has a beautiful plan

To be refused a student visa once can be disappointing, twice can be alarming, but the third time can definitely be heartbreaking. That was how I felt when I went in for my visa interviews to travel from Nigeria to the United States to attend college.

I began with God

Throughout my first three years of college, I planned to write a thesis during my senior year. (Although doing so was not a graduation requirement, seniors who wanted to could apply to write a thesis.

Commitment key to healing

When I accepted an offer to study abroad at a university in England for my undergraduate education, I was thrilled to know there was a Christian Science church in the university’s city. I attended the church’s Sunday School every week, and quite often I was the only student present.

God's guidance after college

Looking for a job can be tough, and if you turn on the news today, it may seem impossible. Right out of college in a struggling economy, and just after getting married, I began looking for a way to start my career.

Finding true purpose

“I feel like a little part of my soul is dying inside every day I go to this job,” I sobbed to my husband one night. That may sound like melodrama, but at the time, my despair felt overwhelmingly real.

Lights! Camera! Angels!

After I graduated from college and was living in the Chicago area, it occurred to me that maybe I should move to Los Angeles and work in the film industry. It took me a few months to be obedient to what more and more started to feel like a divine idea.