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Bible Insights

We limit ourselves

How much is God willing to give us? How much is enough?  There are really only two aspects of those questions: need and greed. God always meets our need—utterly, finally, completely, and infinitely.

Heavenly rest–here and now

I’ve been thinking about the Fourth Commandment as it relates to rest. The first chapter of Genesis notes that God rested in the completeness of His work on the seventh day of creation.

God doesn’t do magic tricks!

There is a story in Exodus where God asks Moses to throw his staff on the ground (see 4:3 ). It becomes a serpent, and God instructs Moses to pick it up by the tail—at which point it turns back into a staff.

Purify Your Thinking

For generations, the Christian model for teaching obedience and discipline has centered around the Ten Commandments. But as I was studying those laws recently, an exciting emphasis was revealed to me.

Resisting Temptation

Two stories in the Bible focus specifically on meeting temptation. One is the account of Eve with the serpent in the garden of Eden (see Gen.

Spiritual Progress

The Holy Bible offers readers opportunities to learn about people who are not so unlike us—individuals who are facing challenges, feeling doubts, and occasionally sliding backward. Their experiences can help us forgive ourselves and others as we make spiritual progress.

The naturalness of healing

“ miracle 1: an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs .

The Delilah syndrome

When the Reader at our Wednesday evening testimony meeting began reading the Bible’s account of Samson and Delilah, I prayed that God might provide me with new insight. In this story, Delilah feigns love for Samson while repeatedly enticing him to reveal the source of his great strength.

The love of Christ

One day as I began my morning, I found myself embroiled in conflict, self-criticism, doubt, persecution, and anxiety. My head was filled with such garbage.

Who are ‘the called?’

When our son was in high school, he came to see me one day feeling very concerned. He had been selected to participate in the young actors ensemble at the Renaissance Festival near our home in Maryland, and had been informed that there would be a week of mandatory rehearsals over the summer, with specific dates yet to be announced.