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Commitment to Healing

Nurturing our church’s membership

Last October , several members from our local branch Church of Christ, Scientist, attended the Christian Science nursing meeting hosted by another branch church in our area. A robust conversation took place about how we care for each other in our churches, and how each one of us was expressing Christian Science nursing qualities—such as spiritual poise, listening, and kindness—in practical ways.

The deep importance of this holy work

Last fall, Christian Scientists in my area of the United States had the privilege of taking part in “Conversations on Christian Science nursing” meetings sponsored by a local branch Church of Christ, Scientist, and conducted by representatives from The Mother Church. These meetings, held all over the world, showed the importance of Christian Science nursing to the healing mission of Christian Science.

Taking our thought into the ‘upper room’

Thanks so much for all that you are doing to promote a better understanding of and support for the Christ-healing that we are so privileged and blessed to study and practice. It was very interesting to attend recent meetings on Christian Science nursing.

A call to demonstrate healing

Over the years , I heard much about Christian Science nursing from my mother-in-law, who had trained at the Christian Science Benevolent Association at Chestnut Hill as a young woman during World War II. My first personal encounter with Christian Science nursing was a very special experience when my daughter was in elementary school.

Plenty to consider

Thank you on the deepest level for having these conversations with the Christian Science Field. I have worked and prayed for, and eagerly anticipated, what a greater understanding of Christian Science nursing can do for both our Field and the world.

In one day , I attended an informal meeting for Christian Science practitioners and teachers at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Altrincham, and then a larger meeting including others who were serious about developing their healing practice.   I was grateful for a sense of unity in the healing work and for the dedication and inspired prayer that my fellow practitioners give to their work.

Our practitioner roundtable was sponsored by the Christian Science Society, Margate, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.   An atmosphere was created where each participant was able to speak freely and openly, not only about personal healings, but about issues relating to the public practice.

Last year a friend asked how I would feel about sitting with fellow Christian Scientists in a casual setting—as you would around your own kitchen table—just talking about healing. The first thought that came to me was one of doubt—how could something like that be achieved, with people’s busy schedules and other time commitments? But on the heels of that limited thought came the realization that healing is the foundation on which our church is built.

About two years ago , the first Christian Science practitioner roundtable was held at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Greater Lansing, Michigan. It came about because several members of the church were interested in becoming full-time practitioners, listed in The Christian Science Journal, yet they had some questions they wanted to talk through and thought that other church members might also like to explore some of the practical issues of full-time healing work.

 Being invited to attend a practitioner roundtable last spring gave me good reason to reflect on my journey into the public practice of Christian Science healing and to take stock of the many blessings that have unfolded for me. One of the many memorable experiences along the way was the initial “call” to start my practice of Christian Science healing.