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In support of the Church’s global mission

Through the years, in its many interviews, the Journal has shined a light on areas of particular interest to our readers. As you read through this May issue, you’ll hear from some of them, including three in Australia, India, and England who have contributed an article or testimony.

Putting the practice at the heart of one’s life

As Manager of Christian Science Practitioner Activities for The Mother Church, Connie Coddington is in touch with practitioners worldwide and hears about their daily challenges, needs, and victories. Recently the Journal  reached out to get Connie’s candid views on the healing practice.

Writing and editing—letting the Christ lead

The world is awash with print and online magazines, from venerable titles that have been published for well over a hundred years to dynamic new web-based startups to publications foisting so-called fake news on the public via social media. But there’s a long-established set of magazine titles, including this one, that have a unique role amid the millions of words circulating.

Supporting good governance with prayer

This interview was adapted from a JSH-Online. com audio podcast titled “ Supporting elections with prayer.

‘Practitioners in uniform’: the ministry of a Christian Science military chaplain

The year 2017 marks an inspiring anniversary in the history of Christian Science: It is 100 years since, in 1917, The Mother Church first endorsed military chaplains in the United States to minister to Christian Scientists serving during World War I. The functions of a military chaplain have evolved over the years, but one thing remains constant: the spiritual leavening that Christian Science chaplains bring to the military.

Overcoming discouragement

In this JSH-Online. com audio podcast, adapted for print, Christian Science practitioner and teacher Rob Gilbert spoke with Audio Producer Rita Polatin.

One infinite God, unbound by tradition

In June of this year, Annu Matthai presided over the Annual Meeting of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, welcoming church members across the globe with characteristic warmth and grace. And one couldn’t help but notice she was wearing a traditional sari from her native India.

Valuing the youth voice

This past April, you may have noticed a new tab on the main page of JSH-Online. com labeled “TeenConnect.

Effective parenting

In this JSH-Online. com audio podcast , adapted for print, Christian Science practitioner and teacher Sarah Hyatt spoke with Audio Producer Rita Polatin.

A Christian Scientist’s life in Turkey

Gloria Onyuru moved from the United States to Turkey in 1966 and has lived there ever since. She and I exchanged emails about her life in Turkey, how she has found a way to practice Christian Science in that country, and how she has been inspired to pray about the current tensions in the Middle East.