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Of Good Report

Dedication of a branch church or society is a public affirmation of the importance of Church in the lives of Christian Scientists and in the community. When an edifice is free of debt, churches and societies often hold a dedicatory service.

I am so grateful to have served as First Reader in my branch Church of Christ, Scientist, in New York City. I have so appreciated learning what it means to let go of a too-personal sense of responsibility and trust that each church service is really God’s service, and that God has a specific message for His congregation.

Instruction of inestimable value

Is it really worthwhile to have Christian Science Primary class instruction from an authorized teacher listed in The Christian Science Journal? Is it worthwhile to spend the money on travel, food, lodging, to take time off from work, and to pay the modest $100 fee to the Christian Science teacher for this two-week class? I would say … absolutely! I decided when I was twenty that I wanted and needed Primary class instruction in Christian Science—that this step would be invaluable for my spiritual growth. When I met my teacher, who was also a Christian Science lecturer, I was quickly convinced that he was the right teacher for me.

After fifty years, a homecoming

It was a beautiful spring day in April of 2010. When I woke up that morning, I couldn’t imagine wanting to reconnect with the Church of Christ, Scientist, the Church I had willingly left as a young mother and housewife some fifty years before.

Following Annual Meeting 2017, with its upwelling spirit of love and unity, the Christian Science Board of Directors felt the immense value of Christian Scientists continuing to bear witness to the power of Spirit itself in bringing new energies and fresh devotion to our Cause. As of this date, the Board has journeyed to 16 regional meetings for church members, attendees at church services, and others seriously studying Christian Science.

A foundation for home

The Psalms are so full of insights into the spiritual nature of home. Throughout the Psalms, words such as abide, dwelling place, refuge, secret place, green pastures, and house of the Lord have helped me to gain a sense of home as where my thought rests on and in God’s presence and power.

Substitute Reader overcomes public-speaking fear

Many years ago , I was asked to take on the duties of a substitute Reader at a Christian Science informal group I attended, which meant that some weeks I would need to read the weekly Bible Lesson-Sermon to the congregation. But for about as long as I can remember, any activity that required speaking in public, even talking to a clerk at a store, was fraught with anxiety for me.

Wednesday meeting turnaround—challenges met

I was relatively new in my study of Christian Science when I went back to university to see if I wanted to pursue getting an MFA. Almost immediately, I was faced with some challenges.

Our Father-Mother’s guiding hand

As a young sailor away from home for the first time in my life, I was excited and enthusiastic about my new career. I had just finished my first training school after boot camp, and I was eager to attend my next school, which was to be the basis for my Navy vocation.

Christian Science lectures: gifts of unconditional love

A church congregation presents a Christian Science lecture, not for itself, but to bless its neighbor. In this way, lectures are gifts of unconditional love.