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Of Good Report

What is my work today?

The question “What is my work today?” had been coming to me over a number of months. As I prayed to understand more clearly what my work was and how to do it well, my volunteer work in a Christian Science Reading Room helped me find an answer.

Even though I grew up attending a Christian Science Sunday School and was active in the Christian Science organization at my college, I never knew very much about Primary class instruction in Christian Science. I just knew it was a course conducted by a Christian Science teacher, an experienced Christian Science practitioner who has taken a course on teaching Christian Science, and it generally lasts about two weeks.

I used to be very anxious about talking with others about Christian Science. The root of this anxiety may have been partly nervousness, but there was also a deeper issue: I was holding on to a belief that understanding Christian Science made me different—or even better—than everyone else.

Whether your first student runs into the Christian Science Sunday School with a Superman cape on and poses with his hands on his hips, or hides in his grandmother’s arms because he doesn’t want her to leave, you are in for a treat. Teaching the three- and four-year-old children is a true treasure.

True happiness comes from knowing God

One day my husband came home feeling very upset. Someone had made a comment to him that was very hurtful.

I recently heard a man say in a Christian Science organization testimony meeting, “If you are afraid or unsure of sharing the healing power of Christian Science, just know that, for me, my life was a lot harder before I learned about Christian Science. ” I certainly echo this sentiment in regard to my own life, having spent many years wandering in the wilderness of human beliefs searching for answers and divine inspiration.

‘Please forgive me’

In the small village in Mexico where I was raised, I grew up with the fears and superstitions of spiritualism, believing evil was the only power. During that time, it seemed normal for me to have car accidents.

Old and new friends in the Christian Science Hymnal

I like to keep bookmarks moving in my favorite books. These include the Bible, and works by Mary Baker Eddy— Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, as well as her Prose Works and Church Manual— and a biography of Mrs.

A youth’s prayers, and a grandfather’s healing

An event that made a big impression on me happened when I was in high school. My eighty-year-old grandfather was diagnosed as terminally ill and was considered to be in the last stages of stomach cancer.

A great place for Sunday School class

My family had moved within a mile of our county’s juvenile detention center. At first glance, I was just glad my kids were not in it! Teens were playing basketball on a court surrounded by impossibly high fences topped with wire.