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When the babe was born

Clear was the night and the Magi could see the bright star. Quiet was the countryside and the shepherds could hear the angelic choir.

The walk to Emmaus

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.   — Revelation 3:20 Two men trudged slowly down the dusty road  Towards Emmaus.

In the footsteps of the Truth

March in the footsteps of the Truth. Accept your wholeness, heal, and shine! Advance! Move forward in the Truth.

A choice made in Gadara

Unperturbed by a “legion” of demons    the Master chose neither to let them alone nor to confine them    temporarily    in some unseen abyss  but in the name of the one I am  to consign them    permanently    to the realm of self-stifling nonentity    for all to witness their final dismissal. Father, help me so to choose neither to ignore evil nor to postpone its confrontation but with Christly authority    to behold its annihilation    through faithful witnessing     to the all-goodness    of the one I am.

As a child

In simple trust I come to Thee. As a child seeking to know, it is to Thee where I must turn.

‘Greatly beloved’

Our Father-Mother God  Holds us in Love’s embrace, We cannot stumble, fear, nor fail While in this cherished place;  But glow with noontide glory Reflecting radiant Soul, Immortal, perfect, beautiful, God’s man—divinely whole!  —Dilys Bell.

the lion will lie down with the lamb

the lion will lie down with the lamb all that gnaws stalks preys consumes  will give up  the surrender will be silent  no fanfare:  it is the moment when —self-aware— we come to ourselves  uncompromised unravaged pristine  an undisputable joy about us — Joni Overton-Jung.

‘Fragments that remained’ 

Matthew 14:20 Father, thank you, for what seemed so inconsequential— those small, unused, unshared ideas. In gratitude we witnessed release from lack and conception grew to sufficiency for all.


Can you swaddle Love in burial clothes? Or bind up Truth in knots? Tie a napkin on Mind’s face? Hide the expression of God? —Imprison Spirit in a tomb of rock? —Mourn Soul as forever lost? Love’s idea, eternal now, infinite and free,    is never bound in clothes of lies—of physicality. Listen! “Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me.

Perfect child of God

I am God’s perfect child No sin, no fault, no stain. Innocent in every way I bear my Father’s name.