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the lion will lie down with the lamb

the lion will lie down with the lamb all that gnaws stalks preys consumes  will give up  the surrender will be silent  no fanfare:  it is the moment when —self-aware— we come to ourselves  uncompromised unravaged pristine  an undisputable joy about us — Joni Overton-Jung.

‘Fragments that remained’ 

Matthew 14:20 Father, thank you, for what seemed so inconsequential— those small, unused, unshared ideas. In gratitude we witnessed release from lack and conception grew to sufficiency for all.


Can you swaddle Love in burial clothes? Or bind up Truth in knots? Tie a napkin on Mind’s face? Hide the expression of God? —Imprison Spirit in a tomb of rock? —Mourn Soul as forever lost? Love’s idea, eternal now, infinite and free,    is never bound in clothes of lies—of physicality. Listen! “Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me.

Perfect child of God

I am God’s perfect child No sin, no fault, no stain. Innocent in every way I bear my Father’s name.

Answered prayer

I thank Thee, Lord, that Thou art all-enfolding,  Almighty cause of universe and man; With boundless love forever safely holding All being whole and perfect in Thy plan. To Thee, O God, with humble thought ascending, I turn in trust, when ills and woes assail.


I was in need of the harbor— the calm just beyond the breakwater, a refuge. Yes, the worst of the storm had passed,    And yet the waves threatened still,    pushed on from somewhere far off shore.

That star still shines

There it was, that symbol of Truth shining brightly above the darkness  of worldly ignorance, fear, and sin. That star was there for everyone to see— yet how few were the followers who looked up and continued on their search for its source.

Undaunted sentinel

Mortal sense contradicts Spirit, tempts human thought to believe  the absence of light it imagines, dark fears that betray and deceive. Yet strong faith, our undaunted sentinel, stands guard against the night, obliterates baseless illusions, rejoices in Christ, Truth, the light.

At Jacob’s well

Here, at this humble water source    a woman of Samaria       encountered a man          from Nazareth Where she saw him    a travel-weary Jew       thirsty, foreign    he saw himself    the blessed bearer       of a gift eternally fulfilling  Where she saw herself    a scorned outcast       mired in a shameful past                                                 He saw her    the beloved heir       of a fathomless wellspring of blessing  And in the end, of course            his view prevailed,       and she set out, rejoicing—          her waterpot abandoned—          to lead even those who’d scorned her             to that wellspring of the Christ —Joanne Otto.

Easter every day

When Jesus was upon the cross, friends may have thought all hope was lost. The good he shared looked all undone, but, oh, the best was yet to come.