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Spiritual Short

Prayers for our Grown-up children

When our children grow up, leave home, and move from our immediate care, it can feel as if we lose a connection with them. But we can embrace our adult children in our prayers.

Wildfires dissipate

A few years ago I was staying with friends in the hills above Pietermaritzburg in South Africa. A number of wildfires were alight in the area because of very dry weather conditions.

The infinite source of inspiration

As we navigate the waters of daily life, we sometimes find ourselves in front of an obstacle that seems insurmountable. We may feel we don’t have enough in our spiritual “gas tank” of inspiration.

Healing complete?

The Christian Science spiritual method of caring for difficulties differs from all material methods. One of the most significant differences is that as we go about our work of solving a problem through prayer, in our hearts we know the problem is already solved because it’s unknown to God and therefore has no actual reality.

Nothing can ‘get your goat’

Have you ever heard the phrase “Don’t let anyone get your goat” and wondered what it meant? One theory about its origin says it comes from the use of goats as companions for racehorses so they can be calm and focused. If someone removes a horse’s goat, the horse can become unsettled and agitated, hurting his race.


In the United States, Thanksgiving is a very special day—a day set aside for giving thanks—which also happens in several other countries, at different times. The Bible is filled with the joy and blessings that come from sincerely praising, glorifying, and giving thanks to God, and the necessity and naturalness of doing so.

Reign check

The term rain check usually refers to a ticket issued in case a baseball game or other event is canceled because of rain. It can also have another meaning, when we look out the window to see if it’s raining.

Following the Christ

When I moved into my first apartment, on my list of things to buy for my room was artwork. So I went to a store, picked out a couple of pieces I thought were nice-looking, and hung them on the wall.

If I could email Daniel …

I just finished chapter 6 in the book of Daniel in the Bible—Daniel of lions’ den fame. Wow! If he were around now, I’d feel impelled to email him.

Brotherhood in Church

One particular group of people has a type of bond that is perhaps unequaled by any other. This group is found in a Christian Science church service.