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God's care in small situations

I’ve seen the presence and power of divine Love proved countless times in my life—injuries and illnesses have been healed, relationship problems have been resolved, and employment has been found. I know I can put my hand in God’s, and He will guide me safely to the right solutions.

The one constant

Years ago, after finishing college, I moved to the West Coast, away from my family, friends, and comfort zone. The hustle and bustle of Los Angeles was quite different from the slow-moving Midwestern town I had grown up in.

Knowing you 'know'

One day, while I was sharing a quick, one-sentence thought with someone in need of healing, the words flowed out of my mouth spontaneously as if they had been said through me, instead of by me. I knew the words were true, but I didn’t know I understood them.

Turning the dragon into an inchworm

One day, as I was about to call a Christian Science practitioner for help, I was tempted to voice all the ugly details of a problem so he would know how hard he had to pray for me. Then I started to laugh at how foolish that was.

In God we trust

To me, there is a reason why the phrase “In God We Trust” is an integral part of every piece of money minted in the United States of America. A very sound, strong, and fundamental reason, which undergirds the basis upon which any economy can function—full and complete faith in the one God.

Prayer on the road

Once, a fellow church member asked me which radio station I listened to while driving to work. I replied that I prayed during my short morning commute, and celebrated the events of the day by listening to my favorite music station on the drive home.

Real or counterfeit?

A co-worker at a learning center where I am employed suddenly began to make unkind, snappy, sarcastic remarks to me on a daily basis for several weeks. I strove not to react, but rather to respond lovingly or to say nothing.

Citizenship in God’s kingdom

What does it mean to be a citizen of the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven? This question came to my thought not long ago, when I found myself captivated by the following idea: “Imagine a kingdom with no borders, no crossing points, where each citizen has an inalienable right to access all the good that a loving Father bestows! Citizenship in God’s kingdom enables each of us to use spiritual, God-bestowed talents that fulfil our deepest aspirations” (Ann Kenrick, “Christ’s Invitation,” The Christian Science Journal , April 2011, p. 53 ).

Let God be in control

After arriving by plane in California for a two-week vacation, my wife and I waited for our luggage, but mine never showed up. I was upset because I didn’t want to begin our vacation without most of my clothes.

Beyond the loaves and the fishes

There is no doubt that Christian Science is the most powerful and far-reaching healing agent the world can know. Healings of diabetes, cancer, and other illnesses deemed incurable by medical science prove that.