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The question I asked at a Wednesday testimony meeting …

- Practice, Practice, Practice

About five years ago I was sitting in a Wednesday evening testimony meeting in our Christian Science branch church. The First Reader had just finished sharing inspired readings from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, and it was time for us to share testimonies of healing in our lives. There was silence. No one spoke. 

In that silence, a thought came to me: “Does Christian Science really heal?” I sat there in shock, wondering why this doubt came to me. Then another thought came to me, “Why don’t you silently list every healing that you have witnessed in your life through the application of its divine laws?” 

So, I did. I started silently listing them. I kept going. 

I had no trouble remembering healing experiences throughout the entire 30-plus minutes that the meeting provides for testimonies—and they wove like a thread through the testimonies that others gave that night. I was still silently adding to my list when the First Reader asked us to sing the final hymn, which wrapped up the evening. I knew that, as I was inspired, I would have the chance to share each of these healings at upcoming testimony meetings.

When I got home, I recreated the long list of healings on paper. I gave thanks that this question “Does Christian Science really heal?” came to me while I was in church so that I could focus on a thorough and resounding answer. Yes, infinite, creative Mind, as we come to understand God in Christian Science, does heal. And as God’s idea, each one of us is the reflection of that Mind.

One example of aligning with this infinite power occurred when I was a math teacher in a large high school. I was in the office between class periods when I saw a college intern teacher put her head in her hands. I had just a couple of minutes to return to my classroom, where a group of energetic sophomores would be arriving to continue learning about congruent triangles. However, I stopped and asked, “What’s going on?” She replied, “I have a splitting headache and I’m not prepared to teach next period.” I only had time to say, “Let’s talk at the end of this class period.” 

As I left the office and navigated through the crowded hall, I knew that I could do nothing for her humanly right then. I reached out in my thought with a sincere desire to help. What came to me was an angel message: “God gives her all she needs right now.” I released all concern as I stepped into my classroom and taught geometry. Afterward, I went to find her. She was in front of her students, smiling and teaching with clarity and order. I was so grateful, but thought no more about it. 

At the end of the day, she sought me out and asked, “After we talked today, what did you do?”  She said she had felt an unexplainable warmth, and that the headache had completely gone away in those brief moments we’d shared together. I told her that I personally had not accomplished the healing, but that it was natural to align my thought with the fact that God was present and all-powerful—right then.

This experience reminds me that, as I humbly open my thought, I find myself at one with divine consciousness—and this oneness is the actual state of healing. I am rejoicing in this, as every instance of new learning comes to light for each of us. It’s the essence of what we can share, out loud and with confidence, at Wednesday testimony meetings.

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