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Persistent prayer heals growth

From the August 2018 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I want to say how grateful I am for a lifetime of healing experiences in Christian Science. I can’t imagine life without Christian Science. From a small child, whenever I wasn’t well, I would take “the books” (the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy) to my mother and ask her to read them to me. And in the Christian Science Sunday School I was taught how to pray for myself. This has served me well over the years and has brought me an abundance of healing and protection. I have grown spiritually all through my life and still continue to learn spiritual lessons every day. 

Almost two years ago, I noticed a very ugly and large growth on my upper leg. Gratefully, it was painful only when touched, so I put a patch on it to keep my clothes from rubbing against it. Based on other healings I had experienced in my life, I felt confident this growth would be healed, too. In my prayers, I declared it was impossible for me to have or express anything that wasn’t from God, good, and I knew this growth wasn’t from God. I was created in God’s spiritual, perfect image and likeness.

As the days went by, I read many inspiring articles in the Christian Science Sentinel and the Journal,which helped keep my thoughts uplifted to Spirit, God. One editorial I read made the point that Christian Science encourages us “to listen for how divine Love is supplying unlimited spiritual tools of inspiration not only to solve a particular problem, but to awaken in us a new understanding of our spiritual identity and heritage as children of God” (Scott Preller, “To be what’s most needed,” Journal, August 2016). This resonated with me deeply.

However, as time passed, there was no change in the physical appearance, and other sore spots appeared around the same area, making it more uncomfortable. I called a Christian Science practitioner to pray for me because I felt quite upset about the material picture I was seeing every time I had to change the bandage on the growth. I had been entertaining questions such as, “Where did this ugly thing come from? I know God never made it because God knows only good, so what was I thinking to deserve such a thing?” These were not such helpful thoughts.

At times I was tempted to have this “thing” diagnosed by a physician, but I knew that, as Science and Health points out,“A physical diagnosis of disease—since mortal mind must be the cause of disease—tends to induce disease” (p. 370). So, when I was tempted to get a diagnosis, I declared that God was the only power and that healing comes through God, Spirit, not through material means. This helped me continue to feel confident relying on Christian Science.

I would talk with the practitioner regularly, and she would overflow with inspiration from divine Love and also suggest healing articles for me to read. 

As the months went by, I became stronger in my conviction that only God could truly heal and bring joy. I found myself encouraged by these words from a hymn: “Arise ye people, take your stand, / Cast out your idols from the land” (Violet Hay, Christian Science Hymnal, No. 12). These words were a helpful reminder to me to take a stand for the fact that only God, and not matter, can heal. 

Many other Christian Science hymns, the Sentinel Radio broadcasts, testimonies in the print Christian Science magazines, and Science and Health and the Bible were such a support to me during this time. I found a wonderful truth from Mrs. Eddy’s Unity of Good to be particularly helpful, and I prayed with it every day. Speaking of “mortal and material sense, which sees not God,” it said, “This false sense of substance must yield to His eternal presence, and so dissolve” (p. 60). The word “dissolve” especially stood out to me. It showed me that what needed to be dissolved was the whole false material sense of substance, by yielding to God’s presence.

I remember reading in my personal notes that “worry is a denial of the Christ.” Instead of succumbing to worry and fear, I knew I had to listen more deeply to God and reason spiritually so that my thoughts would become subordinate to God’s thoughts. God knows and loves us. He watches over each one of us as a father watches over his dear child. God is the law of my being, and I could replace worry and fear with trust in the law of God’s love for me and all.

As I reasoned with all of these wonderful truths and raised my thinking toward Spirit, I became more convinced that mortal mind had no control over me and that God’s loving control is all that really exists. I truly knew God is the only power. I realized clearly that the material picture was a lie, an illusion.

One morning, about 18 months after I first noticed the growth, it just disappeared off my leg along with the sore spots. I was completely free! I was and still am so grateful for God’s goodness, knowing that He is here for me and for everyone. 

Dolly Orth Moore
Shillington, Pennsylvania, US

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