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Reading Science and Health heals long-standing infection

From the September 2023 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The winter of 2022 was extremely bleak for me. Within a short time, three family members and a good friend passed away. Financial difficulties, job loss, the pandemic, worldwide economic struggles, political division in my country, a separation from a dear family member, and other issues were weighing heavily on me. Life seemed hopeless and meaningless, and most days I hardly wanted to get out of bed. Although I’ve been a Christian Scientist most of my life and have had many healings of physical, financial, and relationship problems, somehow that wasn’t giving me any hope or joy.

Many years earlier, I’d read Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy twice from cover to cover, mostly for physical healing. In fact, at times I would rush through to get to the end, reading the words as if I were taking a medical prescription and hoping for a cure. 

Thinking of this while lying in bed in a state of hopelessness one day during that winter of 2022, I decided to read Science and Health again. But this time was different. I wasn’t trying to heal a specific problem. I wanted to find God. Even though most of my life I had felt a closeness to God, at that time I felt as though He were a million miles away. I didn’t know where or how to find Him anymore, and in my desperation I was even questioning His existence.

I started reading, and over the next couple of days I slogged through the first two chapters, only to have my desire to read fade. But on the third day, I asked myself, “Where else am I going to find God?” So, I continued reading.

That day, words and sentences suddenly took on new and higher meanings as if a light had been turned on. I could understand them better than ever before. The next day, while I was at work, all I could think about was how much I wanted to get home and continue reading. From that day, and over the next few months, all I wanted was to read that book and get to know God better.

It’s not that I didn’t need any healing. In fact, I had struggled for almost thirty years with an infection in both of my ears. It didn’t cause pain, but it was an annoyance, as my ears itched constantly and at times I had difficulty hearing.

Early on, I’d been diagnosed by two different doctors who prescribed medication for the infection. But it had made me so ill that I’d had to stop taking it. I’d prayed off and on about the condition, but had come to accept it as something I’d have to live with for the rest of my life.

Then one day when I was about three quarters of the way through reading and studying Science and Health, I picked up a cotton swab to clean out my ear, which had become a habit even at times when I didn’t need to. But right at that moment, I heard a message: “You don’t need to do that; there’s nothing wrong with your ear.” I put the cotton swab down without using it. After that, I didn’t think about my ears again.

Over the next few weeks I kept reading Science and Health. I especially loved the chapter on Genesis, rereading it several times. I saw creation in a different way—as God’s creation—beautiful, pure, immortal, and permanent. I began to understand that everyone, including my loved ones who had passed, is part of God’s perfect creation. 

I began feeling close to God again. I felt and knew He was with me all the time, leading me and shepherding me. Most of all, I felt God’s love for me. Feelings of hopelessness, grief, and bleakness faded and were replaced with freshness, hope, and joy. Instead of feeling I was drifting through life, I now felt I’d found a solid foundation to base my life on. I had a deeper appreciation of the Bible and its message of God’s love for mankind. 

It was then that it dawned on me that my ears hadn’t bothered me since the day I had heard the message that there was nothing wrong with my ear. I was healed! When exactly the healing took place, I don’t know.

I ran into the living room and exclaimed to my husband, “I’m healed! My ears are healed!” He realized I had not touched my ears in a long time. I explained that I’d been reading Science and Health, and the truths in the book had healed me. My husband is not a Christian Scientist, but he totally agreed that I’d been healed. It’s been over a year since the healing took place and the condition has never returned. It was never a part of me. My husband and I still marvel and comment on this profound healing.

The word chemicalization, which Mrs. Eddy uses to mean “the process which mortal mind and body undergo in the change of belief from a material to a spiritual basis” (Science and Health, pp. 168–169), describes what happened in my experience. My thought was uplifted from a material to a spiritual basis, and this brought about a change in my body. 

Other healings occurred as well. Sensuous desires and ambitions dropped away effortlessly, my outlook on life improved, and I became more patient, loving, and forgiving. I feel a deeper compassion for mankind, praying daily for my community and the world, knowing that healing is going on and there is hope for everyone.

I’m reading Science and Health again now, and just like before, when I’m doing daily tasks, I can’t wait to get back to reading!

Eileen Stoecklin
Mount Morris, Michigan, US

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