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Disfiguring inflammation healed

From the March 2017 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Several years ago, over a period of time, the appearance and function of my right hand deteriorated. 

I’ve found Christian Science to be the most effective healing method, and I rely on it for all my needs. It shows us how we can reliably turn to God in prayer for healing, whatever the situation. I found some very helpful testimonies of healings in The Christian Science Journal and Christian Science Sentinel magazines, which encouraged me in my prayers and made me feel that a spiritual solution was reasonable to expect. 

Daily I study the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. And I’ve found that this study deepens my understanding of God. I’ve also taken Primary class instruction in Christian Science, which teaches the true nature of God and man, and how to pray effectively—and how to give a Christian Science treatment through prayer.

In regard to treatment, I found in Eddy’s writings several references to the importance of seeing beyond what the material senses are telling us to the spiritual reality—to the way God has created us: spiritual, and therefore, pain-free and without a deteriorating element. She explains that we can discover this spiritual creation by reversing whatever the material senses are telling us about the material condition, and yielding to the spiritual truth about man.

As I prayed, I reversed every suggestion of pain and disability that came to me about my hand; this served as a springboard for seeing something wonderful and true about God, who is Spirit, and about my perfection as God’s spiritual reflection. 

For example, reversing the picture of inflammation, I reasoned that the substance of Spirit cannot be inflamed or suffer pain, because it’s incorporeal, indestructible, spiritual, eternal. What does this mean for me? The first chapter of Genesis in the Bible tells us that man—that includes everyone—is made in the image and likeness of God, Spirit. Because I am Spirit’s likeness, I have the substance of Spirit, not matter. So I can’t in reality suffer from inflammation or disfigurement.

I also reversed the picture of increasing limitation with the understanding of God as Life itself. Life that is infinite, vigorous, active, unrestricted. I saw that because man is the full expression of this divine Life, I am an expression of divine Life. 

In Science and Health it says that angels, or God’s messages, “deliver us from the depths,” and that it is specifically the angel Gabriel’s task to impart “a sense of the ever-presence of ministering Love” (p. 567). Because this ever-present Love fills all space, there is no disease to dominate thought or frighten us. Divine Love is supreme, and we can feel and know only the ministering presence of Love.

As these wonderful spiritual truths filled my thought, I lost all fear. Within a week or two, my hand was restored to its normal appearance and function. 

I’m so grateful for this complete healing and what I learned about the power and love of God. 

Ann Kneeland
San Rafael, California, US

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