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Healing is inevitable

From the July 2020 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Healing is inevitable. Through my study and practice of Christian Science, I’ve seen firsthand that healing as Jesus taught is still possible today. And now I understand that healing through Christian Science is not only possible, it’s inevitable. I know that sounds radical, but it’s true. A man named James Rome gave me my first glimpse of this fact, and then a book led me to understand its validity and embrace it as an ever-true promise. 

In early 1906, James Rome was a night watchman during the building of the Extension of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston. During this time he observed many difficult problems with the work that threatened to significantly delay the planned opening. Yet, each obstacle was overcome, and construction proceeded apace. After the building was completed on time, Mr. Rome sent a letter to Mary Baker Eddy reflecting on what he’d observed during construction:

“To watch the transformation has been very interesting indeed, and the lessons I have learned of the power of divine Mind to remove human obstructions have been very precious.… 

“One feature about the work interested me. I noticed that as soon as the workmen began to admit that the work could be done, everything seemed to move as by magic; the human mind was giving its consent. This taught me that I should be willing to let God work” (The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, p. 61).

“The human mind was giving its consent”—that’s the phrase that first grabbed my attention. It set me on a years-long journey of discovery, which led to the unmistakable conclusion that healing is inevitable. This conclusion has now been proven and witnessed so many times in my experience that it has become a foundation stone and a bulwark in my ongoing practice of Christian Science.

I pondered what Mr. Rome reported, returning to it over and over as my study and practice deepened and grew over a number of years. What I discovered was arresting. I noticed that in all the healings I witnessed, my own and others’, there would come a point when the individual gave up struggling with the problem and just let it go—a time when the problem was no longer the center of attention. There would come a moment of complete surrender, of being “willing to let God work.” 

This shift away from a self-centered focus allowed room for the individual to give full attention to God, Spirit, and begin to see more clearly from a spiritual perspective. Often this moment came in the midst of utter despair and discouragement, when all else had failed. And then the outcome would be healing. 

The human mind had consented to the control of divine Mind, God, and then divine Mind’s perfection became readily apparent. The original perfection of God’s creation described in the first chapter of Genesis shone through, and all was well. 

This moment couldn’t be forced or faked. In fact, it often wasn’t even obvious until after the fact, when looking back at a healing experience and seeing only in retrospect that there had been that moment of giving up the human mind for the divine.

I came to understand that the individual who appears to need healing is actually experiencing an opportunity to choose “whether it is the human mind or the divine Mind which is influencing one” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 83). In every instance where healing was needed, a time of complete surrender would have to come. Once I realized this, it could more rapidly be put into practice. 

For example, when I was the one in need of healing, I made a conscious effort to be willing, early on, to surrender my human, discordant, matter-based view of things and see divine Mind’s all-harmonious, spiritual view. I shared this approach with others and watched as the shift occurred from human, self-centered thinking to God-inspired, divine control. Healing was the result.

And there was more. A time came when I had been battling a series of aches and pains that had affected my mobility and had me curtailing my normal activities. I say “battling” because throughout these months, even during moments of discouragement, I was confident in the efficacy of Christian Science to restore my health and harmony. I never doubted that divine Mind could and would conquer this problem. Encouraged and buoyed by the acknowledgment of previous healings I’d had through prayer, I reasoned logically that this, too, would be healed. In short, I knew that “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26) and, as Mary Baker Eddy writes: “The power of Christian Science and divine Love is omnipotent. It is indeed adequate to unclasp the hold and to destroy disease, sin, and death” (Science and Health, p. 412).

There would come a moment of complete surrender, and the outcome would be healing.

As I prayed for myself, I remembered my friend James Rome and was led to reread another book in which his quote mentioned above appears (Joseph Armstrong and Margaret Williamson, Building of The Mother Church). I’d read it before, more than once, and always found it inspiring. But this time, I found myself deeply absorbed, marveling at the selfless dedication of the individuals involved and imagining walking in their footsteps. 

Responding to the urgent demand for an edifice large enough to accommodate the growing numbers of people flocking to the healing services of The Mother Church, Mrs. Eddy set an ambitious timeline to achieve what she knew would be possible, if challenging, to carry out. What would it have been like to give up one’s business or family responsibilities for a time to devote oneself to carrying out her vision? James Rome was just one of many dedicated church members who rose to this challenge. They were steadfast, so courageous, so humble! There was much to be learned from their inspiring example. And learn I did.

From this book, I took one overriding message, a “pearl of great price”: When one prays as Christian Science teaches, healing is inevitable. Countless problems arose as the early workers endeavored to meet Mrs. Eddy’s expectations for her church. Time after time, in the building of the Original Edifice and then the Extension, those in charge had to make a choice: continue with their human plans—negotiating contracts, navigating among workers and business owners—or give up all that fussing and maneuvering and let divine Mind take over and lead the way forward. And every time, as soon as they were willing to let go—as soon as the human mind gave its consent—the work proceeded apace. In Mr. Rome’s words, “everything seemed to move as by magic.”

Looking back, one story in particular summarizes what I was learning from these early Christian Scientists. In October of 1894, during the building of the Original Edifice, which Mrs. Eddy expected to be completed by year-end, estimates from the contractors indicated the work would take another six months. Then, on November 6, an unusually early snowfall had left the roofless church full of snow. Joseph Armstrong wrote, “... confronted by this fearful array of material evidence, the Directors pushed on with unfaltering trust in the divine omnipresent power of God.” The church was completed, and the dedication service was held, as planned, on January 6, 1895. “It was a victory for Christian Science, a victory in which every claim of error was met and overcome,” Mr. Armstrong wrote (Building of The Mother Church, pp. 27 and 93).

As these workers’ example of faith and confidence took hold and grew in my heart, healing came to my body. One day I simply felt an urge to go out for a walk before my next appointment. Without giving it a thought, I simply put on my coat and went out the door—naturally and normally. Then, as I turned the last corner, I suddenly realized—I was walking, freely. I was healed. Inspired over these weeks and months by the example of the humble Christian Scientists who came before me, I, too, had been willing to give up a human sense of things for the divine, spiritual view. And as I did, I was healed, permanently.

Thus I learned that healing through Christian Science is inevitable. When the human mind gives its consent—when it relinquishes a limited, mortal view for the divine—harmony reigns. And this is true no matter what the human circumstance and regardless of the human time frame. Because the human mind has no real power, it ultimately has to yield to the only power there is—divine Mind. Then health and harmony are inevitably seen. This fundamental fact is true for one and all: Christian Science heals—it’s inevitable.

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