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While was pregnant with our fourth child...

From the September 1988 issue of The Christian Science Journal

While was pregnant with our fourth child, a test indicated I was anemic. The midwife who gave me this information was concerned for me and urged me to use an iron supplement and to eat lots of iron-rich foods. (Prenatal medical care is required by the laws in our state.) Christian Science had healed our family members of numerous difficulties—earaches, fevers, coughs, disease, food poisoning, injuries, and so on. Prayer had also been of major importance in childbirth (see my testimony, The Christian Science Journal, April 1982). I decided not to change my diet or take supplements but to rely exclusively on prayer in Christian Science to correct the trouble.

The midwife seemed to recognize that although I was choosing a different course than what she had recommended, I was taking definite action. My decision was not regarded as ignorant or negligent. She indicated that she would monitor the condition as the pregnancy progressed. I called a Christian Science practitioner, who began to pray with me.

While I was happy with my decision, I struggled with one serious question: How could spiritualizing my thought cause the adjustment in my blood considered necessary for a normal delivery? Looking to the Bible for guidance, I found this loving counsel of Christ Jesus (Matt. 6:31, 33): "Take no thought, saying, What shall we eat?" and "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." I began to cherish this promise as an unfailing divine law, and I deeply desired to understand it better.

Perhaps because the midwife had mentioned a lack of "stored" iron, my attention was drawn to a paragraph in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy with the marginal heading "Rapidity of assimilation." One sentence in this paragraph states (p. 462): "Some individuals assimilate truth more readily than others, but any student, who adheres to the divine rules of Christian Science and imbibes the spirit of Christ, can demonstrate Christian Science, cast out error, heal the sick, and add continually to his store of spiritual understanding, potency, enlightenment, and success." I yearned to drink in spiritual elements (such as love, joy, intelligence, wisdom, humility) as actual nourishment constantly available for us. I didn't need to store up matter (iron). I did need to relinquish my material belief that iron could help me.

My thoughts—at mealtime, in the market, and during menu planning—were centered on spiritual provision, on gratitude, affection, and the recognition that Spirit meets every need. I began to feel stronger, happier, more secure and fearless. I stopped wondering how the physical change would come and trusted in God's unfailing care. Also I deeply cherished the genuine humility and kindness of the midwife. During each appointment I affirmed mentally that these God-given qualities were what nurtured me and everyone.

On one such occasion a second sample was tested, and the condition of my blood was found to be normal. The midwife was delighted, and said that I'd done a good job. My family and I were happy, too. Prayer had accomplished the good work. The birth of our robust baby boy was safe and normal.

To me this experience helped to show that Christian healings cannot simply be explained away by so-called physical laws. The blood test proclaimed that a physical change had taken place, yet nothing physical had been done to produce that change. I accept this healing as a completely natural demonstration of the fact that God feeds man, His spiritual offspring, with the substance of Spirit, and the human body is thereby nourished.

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