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In the year 1908, when the doctors...

From the October 1929 issue of The Christian Science Journal

In the year 1908, when the doctors pronounced my case fatal and the end seemed at hand, a Christian Scientist came to my father and told him about Christian Science. She asked for permission to send a practitioner to me, and he consented. The disease was dropsy, and the body was swollen almost beyond recognition. The last time the doctor visited me he said I had but three hours to live.

About two hours after the doctor had left, the practitioner arrived. She lovingly asked me if I could read. The reply was, "No, I cannot see." She did some silent work, then handed me "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. The book was open at page 462. My sight returned immediately, and I was able to read. About an hour later I fell asleep with the book grasped tightly in my hand. It was then half past four in the afternoon. An hour later I awoke completely healed, still tightly holding the precious book.

I was then a resident of the Indian Reservation in Utah. My gratitude to God and the practitioner was so great that I ran all through the Reservation to show my doctor and all the people what God had done for me. The doctor was amazed, and asked, "Who did it?"

The healing has been permanent. Thanks to God and Christian Science, there has never been a suggestion of the recurrence of the disease. Since that time Christian Science has been my only physician, and I am more and more grateful for it every day. It has met my every human need.—

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