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Twisted ankle healed

From the November 2018 issue of The Christian Science Journal

One afternoon I lay on my bed for a much-needed nap. I drifted off easily and dreamed that I was walking down a forest path and suddenly twisted my ankle. The pain was so vivid that it startled me back awake.

But it didn’t end there. The ankle of my “dream self” that was twisted and painful seemed so real that for a few moments the ankle of my “waking self” felt painful, as if the accident had actually happened. As I quickly started to realize what was going on—that the experience of hurting my ankle was a dream—the pain almost instantly vanished.

This reminded me of Moses’ experience as told in Exodus in the Bible. It’s written that God told him to place his hand in his cloak. He did, and when he pulled it out, his hand was suddenly infected with leprosy. Then God told him to put his hand back in. After that, his skin was back to normal. 

In her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy wrote of this account: “It was scientifically demonstrated that leprosy was a creation of mortal mind and not a condition of matter, when Moses first put his hand into his bosom and drew it forth white as snow with the dread disease, and presently restored his hand to its natural condition by the same simple process” (p. 321).

A couple of weeks later, I was outside jogging after work, when one of my feet landed half on the sidewalk and half on a lower part of someone’s lawn, causing me to twist my ankle and almost fall. The pain was sharp.

My first thoughts were all fear-based: “Oh no, I’ve just started to establish a jogging routine, and now I’ll have to take several days off to heal. How am I going to go to work tomorrow? How am I going to help take care of the family if I’m stuck on a couch with my feet up all day?” Also, a bit of pride now surfaced in my thought: I realized that I’d been feeling a little proud of myself about my new jogging routine.

Of course, I also recalled the twisted ankle dream. The pain I was experiencing was basically the same as I had experienced in the dream. That realization was my first step toward experiencing a healing, as it lessened my fear. I already knew that matter isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. I’d had many healings, of maladies ranging from flu to plantar warts, through practicing the teachings of Christian Science, which have proven reliable. I understood that God is Spirit, and I’m His reflection and likeness.

The next morning I was on the couch resting my leg. I had emailed a Christian Science practitioner for prayerful help. I was thinking maybe I should stay home from work and was ready to call in sick, but then I got a reply from the practitioner that we should strive for an immediate healing. I loved that idea, and I responded to it by immediately getting up for work.

Work began well, but a few hours into my shift as a Christian Science nurse, the ankle started hurting again. I thought I’d better get busier in guarding and disciplining my thinking, affirming what I knew about myself, and everyone, as God’s spiritual idea. I didn’t want to rely merely on the inspiration of my practitioner and needed to be actively praying for myself as well.

So I did more leaning on God—not feeling so personally burdened or responsible about things in my job or in my personal life, but yielding to the truth that I was reflecting God and not carrying on all by myself or according to my own efforts.

The pain receded noticeably, and within the hour I caught myself mid-stride realizing that I was leaning on God, and that the healing was complete.

After my shift that day I did a four-kilometer jog, and I have been able to do so throughout the  years since this experience, without any restrictions in how I jog or walk.

Dean Wolfe
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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