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Heart restored to normal

From the September 2000 issue of The Christian Science Journal

In the course of finding new employment after twenty years with the same company, I had a physical examination. Now, I had prayed about the fact that my true and only being acts in obedience to God's law and operates in perfect harmony with ever-operative and harmonious Mind, God. I had expected the exam and tests to confirm this, and they had ... almost. The results of one test showed the action of the heart was not fully normal. However, I was told that in order to determine whether the problem was sufficient to limit my activities, I needed another test!

Every trace of the abnormality had disappeared.

At this point a number of things became clear. I realized that the tests and pronouncements, while motivated by the doctors' desire to help, were an imposition of materiality on my thought, and I could choose not to accept the fear material belief was suggesting. I also realized that I could no longer count on merely "feeling good" about the spiritual nature of my true being; I needed to radically understand it and demonstrate it. I had to "take possession" of my body and "govern its feeling and action" as Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health (see p. 393). I prayed to know that I do not live because of a material heart; but that every function of my being is spiritual and acts in obedience to God's law. I live because I express Life, God. I knew that medical pronouncements could not apply to God, omnipotent good, and therefore they could not apply to me.

What happened during the follow-up test was remarkable. As the doctor read from all of the graphs and screens, he exclaimed that every trace of the abnormality had disappeared while he was monitoring me. This kindly specialist clearly took pleasure in telling me that I was not limited in any way. Though he couldn't explain the change in my condition, he had no doubt that I was entirely free from any limitation and could go ahead with a perfectly normal life.

I am very grateful for the healing power of Christian Science. Although the doctors were well-meaning and very kind, I learned of the need to be wise in not opening my thought and experience to the influence of medical beliefs, which reinforce the erroneous concept that man is material. I am also grateful to have learned that man is spiritual and lives by the grace of God, and by nothing else.

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