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Who am I? Why am I here?

From the August 1997 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Who am I? you ponder.
You are the child of God.
Why am I here? you wonder.
To represent truly your Father-Mother God.

"Who?" a raindrop doesn't ask;
It just carries moisture to a world thirsting.
To carry God's message is no great task
When we know it provides for humanity's nurturing.

"Why?" the wind doesn't ask;
It just forces cloud to yield to light of sun.
To dispel a man's error is no real task
When through Christ he learns that God and he are one.

The who and the why aren't hard to explain
When we acknowledge God as the creator of all,
And see that man in His likeness will ever remain
Holy and active, Truth's perfect ideal.

This is what our blessed Master taught
In towns, on hillsides, and by the sea,
As the sick and the sinner eagerly sought
To find the truth that makes us free.

This is why you're here—
To follow in the path he trod.
And as you journey, you come to where
You can show others they too are children of God.

Who am I? Now you concede
"I'm God's perfect man."
Why am I here? Now you proceed
"To bless mankind in every way I can."

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