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Although this testimony is being...

From the March 1937 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Although this testimony is being given at rather a late date, there has constantly been in my consciousness a feeling of deep gratitude for the beautiful healing I had some years ago. I retired one evening feeling physically well, but with a great sense of mental depression. When I awakened I found that I could not move. I immediately declared the truth to the best of my ability, but apparently with no success.

My son summoned a Christian Science nurse and a practitioner, who lovingly worked for me for several weeks, but with no apparent success; whereupon my son, unbeknown to me, telegraphed my teacher. During the night, the following words from our textbook, Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy (pp. 441, 442), came to me: "We have no trials for sickness before the tribunal of divine Spirit. There, Man is adjudged innocent of transgressing physical laws, because there are no such laws. Our statute is spiritual, our Government is divine. 'Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?'" The next morning I was able to get up and walk to the bathroom.

Before the day was over I received a letter from my teacher stating that reservation had been made for me at The Christian Science Benevolent Association Sanatorium at Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. The treatment given me by one many miles away helped me to the extent that I was able to take the train with the assistance of a friend, who accompanied me to Chestnut Hill.

Words cannot express the comfort I felt when I first stepped into this home as a patient. That evening I attended the song service, and was able to walk part of the way there without the aid of the wheel chair. After several months in this haven of rest, peace, and contentment, I returned to my home completely healed. Words fail to express my gratitude for the many lessons learned.

I am truly grateful for this wonderful experience and awakening, and for the love, kindness, and patience expressed by all those who had a part in my healing. My earnest desire is that I may ever be more alert in expressing my gratitude to Christian Science, and for the lessons learned in the Benevolent Association Sanatorium, which prepared me to stand when greater difficulties arose. In thought I still join in the songs sung in the evening there from our Hymnal, for it was at this hour particularly that the full significance dawned upon me of what it means to join the great Cause of Christian Science, to learn the lessons which our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, teaches us, and to put these teachings into practice.—

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