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Chest pain healed

From the August 2017 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Early last year, I began experiencing a sharp pain in my chest, particularly on my left side. At first, I thought little of it—I had been following a new workout regimen and figured that with a little rest, the problem would subside. 

Despite resting for a few days, though, I found that the pain only increased and spread. It was difficult to breathe and my heartbeat felt irregular.

Thinking about what I had learned while taking Primary class instruction in Christian Science just a few months prior, I felt confident that this could be healed. I knew that the first thing I needed to do was address the fear in my thought. I also decided to ask a Christian Science practitioner to pray for me.

Before I made the call to the practitioner, though, I sat down and began a Christian Science treatment for myself. I rejected the suggestion that there was a power outside of God that could dictate anything about me. I understood that as the spiritual reflection of God, I could not be party to a lie about my perfect being—this pain was unknown to God and therefore unknown to me in my true being as a child of God. With this thought, I immediately felt the fear melt away, and it became very clear to me that this material condition could not be a reality, and therefore it could not, and would not, scare me.

Grateful to have already addressed the fear, I called the practitioner. We discussed a variety of wonderful and uplifting ideas. We started with this statement from Ephesians: “Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil” (6:10, 11). I had taken my stand and was resting my case on the absolute conviction that we are all one with our Father-Mother God, and are protected by His great love for His beloved creation. I could trust that I was whole, complete, and pure.

The practitioner continued praying for me, and we discussed the explanation of man found on pages 475–477 in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy; we also discussed the powerlessness of the belief that there is a mind besides God. There was some progress, but the pain never seemed to leave entirely. Despite this, I am grateful to say I did not feel afraid or become discouraged, which was wonderful, and I still expected complete healing.

One day while we were talking, the practitioner pointed me to the definition of heart found in Science and Health. It reads: “Heart. Mortal feelings, motives, affections, joys, and sorrows” (p. 587). She then encouraged me to move from the mortal concept of myself to the spiritual. As Science and Health says, “Metaphysics resolves things into thoughts, and exchanges the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul” (p. 269). Right away I started delving deeper into the writings of Mary Baker Eddy as well as related articles from the Christian Science periodicals.

I was fully engaged with what I read, and spiritual growth came along with this prayerful study. A focus on “mortal feelings” shifted to a deeper understanding of the presence of God; my motive became to increasingly perceive in daily experience the blessings flowing from the ever-presence of God’s harmonious government; my affections and thoughts aligned more closely to Spirit; I understood more clearly that joy is permanent and its true source is God, and that sorrow naturally turns into joy as we wean ourselves, step by step, from earthly beliefs.

I could not believe how much I got out of this study, and the significance of the spiritual truths it yielded. I was thrilled to have my thought filled with these treasures and to realize the importance of turning away from the mortal, carnal sense toward God—even when it seems difficult. 

Finally, the pain and other symptoms completely disappeared. Since then it’s been over a year, and they haven’t returned.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to better understand my spiritual being and to have seen “baseless evil fall” (Emily F. Seal, Christian Science Hymnal, No. 267). And I will be forever grateful for the healing example of Christ Jesus as well as for Mary Baker Eddy and her explanation of the divinely scientific healing truth that God revealed to her.

Lindsay Sydness
Brookline, Massachusetts, US

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