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The good and true news

From the August 2017 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I had been listening to the news before leaving for our Wednesday testimony meeting. As my husband was driving us to church, I was looking forward to the service as well as the testimonies we would hear.

I began thinking of what I might share, when the phrase “fake news” came to my thought. Fake news is a deliberate effort to deceive. As a student of Christian Science, I’ve learned that there is a fundamental and often subtle kind of fake news that seems very credible and is commonly consented to: the belief that we are vulnerable material beings.

It came so quietly and clearly to me that Christ Jesus was a true “reporter” who fearlessly disputed this kind of fake news. He did so by bringing to light an entirely different idea of God and of man’s relation to God. And he backed up what he said about God’s goodness and our true spiritual identity as God’s reflection with unquestionable proofs. Jesus’ words and works present the “true news” of creator and creation—the “good news” of the gospel.

Later, Mary Baker Eddy, through studying the Bible and faithfully following in Jesus’ footsteps, brought back to light the good news of the healing truth at the heart of his teachings. In her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures she documented the divine Science underlying spiritual reality for anyone to learn, understand, and practice. And she, too, backed it up with healings of every kind—including of lack and illness. 

This true news continues to be published in the publications Mrs. Eddy founded: The Christian Science Monitor, Sentinel, Journal, and Herald. And Wednesday testimony meetings like the one we attended that evening contribute to the sharing of this ongoing healing truth of God’s tender love for His creation, and of our ability to demonstrate it in our daily lives.

I love this thought that came to me about God’s good and true news that our real being is spiritual and invulnerable. And I was happy to share it that night for others to consider!

Marney Mallon

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