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From the August 1941 issue of The Christian Science Journal

In the endeavor to arrive at the true concept or right idea of home as it exists in divine Mind it is helpful first to eliminate from one's thinking the finite or limited concepts of home which appear to exist in the so-called human mind. It is well, therefore, to see first of all that home, absolutely speaking, is not a material house, a flat, a hotel room, or anything existing in time or finite space.

Home, in reality, is not something within four walls, or that exists objectively, but on the contrary it exists subjectively as idea. It is not a place in which man abides; it is an abiding consciousness of harmony— heaven—and is within man. Man, the compound idea of God, includes the true or spiritual concept of home. Since home in the absolute sense is synonymous with heaven, it must of necessity be within, as Jesus said the kingdom of God is. And in part of her definition of "Jerusalem," on page 589 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," Mary Baker Eddy uses these words—home and heaven —synonymously.

Since home is a divine state of consciousness and is within man, who reflects, includes, or embodies this divine concept, he is never without home and never could be in doubt about where home is. Where man is, home is, and for this reason man is never separated from home or deprived of it. Man is, therefore, never homeless or homesick. Man is forever consciously aware of the truth about home, and in that sense possesses or includes it.

The true spiritual concept of home expresses the divine qualities of permanence, perpetuity, perfection, completeness, adequacy, abundance, health, harmony, beauty, glory, joy, unity, security, safety, and peace. It is inviolable, indestructible, undisturbed. It expresses the utmost serenity, and is never subject to any sense of confusion. Home is an idea of divine Mind, God, and the Apostle Paul tells us that "God is not the author of confusion, but of peace."

The spiritual sense of home expresses the qualities of order and system. It is governed by divine or spiritual law and cannot for that reason include anything in the nature of lawlessness or disorder. The right idea of home is inseparably associated with the true or spiritual sense of relationship, and this right relationship is founded upon the divine facts of harmony and unity. Home, therefore, cannot be disturbed or destroyed by any human or mortal belief of disunity, friction, contention, or strife. It expresses a complete sense of lovingkindness based upon the divine fact that all God's children are eternally at one with their Principle or creator, and are forever governed and controlled by that Principle.

Man's real home, the divine consciousness of home, could not and does not contain any discordant element. It does not harbor sin, vice, disease, lack, friction, or inharmony of any kind. It is not a battleground for human wills, nor does it include anything in the nature of conflicting human opinions. Home is the expression of divine will and is governed at all times perfectly and harmoniously by divine law.

Home is not something which man has to acquire either by purchase or otherwise. It is not something which can be leased, bought, sold, mortgaged, or lost. It does not have to be maintained materially or by means of human effort, with difficulty or otherwise. Home exists solely as idea and is maintained, sustained, and provided for by the Mind which creates it and perpetuates it.

Man does not have to wait for home or to be at home. Man's home exists forever as the expression of infinity and is an inalienable constituent of the infinity which man reflects, and of which he is the perfect manifestation or representation. Home is not, therefore, something which has to be constructed or fabricated humanly. It already exists divinely as part of Mind's infinite manifestation of itself, and is always available to spiritual man because it is part of him, part of what he includes as "the full representation of Mind" (Science and Health, p. 591).

This truth about home, understood and demonstrated, operates in human experience as a law of right adjustment of all that pertains to home finding and home keeping. It is the law of adequate provision and protection to that which is humanly called home. It is at the same time a law of exclusion and elimination of all that appears to exist by way of inharmony or impairment, and is a law of restoration to harmonious conditions where inharmony may have seemed to prevail. God's law is operating in human affairs as a law of expulsion and annihilation to all that is unhappy, undesirable, unwholesome, and as a law of restoration to those conditions which are humanly necessary to a right, normal state of well-being.

Our beloved Leader, who knew more of the truth about real home than anyone since the time of Jesus, has placed these comforting and inspiring words on page 254 of Science and Health: "Pilgrim on earth, thy home is heaven; stranger, thou art the guest of God."

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