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From the January 2015 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Growth in grace

The author of “Redemption through God’s love” in the December Journal has proven Christ’s Christianity for himself. Growth in grace and understanding lived and loved through a grasp of the infinite fills this article to overflowing. 

Thank you for sharing and the Journal for putting it on record.

Thanks for the spiritual gifts

I receive the periodicals in my mailbox quite ahead of the publication date.  But I always read them through immediately, and then read them again during the publication week or month.

The article “‘Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy’” by Marie Taillefer in the December issue was just as helpful and inspiring as it was in the original French, published in the April 2014 Herald of Christian Science.

Thanks to all of you who give us these spiritual gifts weekly, monthly, and daily. And a special message of gratitude for the December issue with its Christmas contents.

Just a comment. Should not the fifth paragraph of the English translation read: “These commandments are especially valid if I’m directly affected!”, and not “effected”?

Editor’s note

Thank you for making this correction. We appreciate your careful reading of the Journal and apologize for the error. This correction to the article has been made on JSH-Online.

Love’s gentle beam

The testimony “Forgiveness heals eye swelling” in the November 2014 Journal was so, so helpful to me. The writer (Heather) says, “Cast the beam out of your own eye so that you can see the ‘gentle beam of living Love’ (Mary Baker Eddy, “Christmas Morn,” Poems, p. 29).… All irritation melted away in that instant.”

I also felt all irritation melting away. I am so grateful. Christian Science has also taught me to turn to God for everything!

Profoundly touched

Thank you for featuring Thomas Johnsen’s article “Reaching the spiritual ‘height where God is revealed’ and humanity redeemed” in the October 2014 issue of the Journal.

I love all the fresh, promising, and substantial ways the article elucidates Moses’ experience—and thus ours.  This is meaningful and helpful on many levels. The way his insights were expressed allows us to better understand and to deeply feel that glory of the mountaintop experience, of God’s presence with us and the promise of healing. Each time I read, listen to, ponder, and pray in response to that beautiful sharing, it profoundly touches my heart.

Testimonies brought healing

The testimonies “Gratitude is a lifesaver” and “Full recovery from severe case of encephalitis” in the October Journal brought instantaneous healing to me. I had been suffering for a week from an intense headache that made my daily activities raising three young children very difficult. My husband was out of town, and I could feel an ear infection coming on. But all that dissipated when I spent 30 minutes absorbing those testimonies.  I was healed and able to complete all activities normally and with joy and have had freedom and a stronger sense of dominion ever since.  

Thank you, God; thank you, Journal; and thank you, testifiers. 

Finding comfort

Joan Wolcott’s poem, “October morn,” in the October Journal speaks an assurance to anyone who has lost a loved one. Mary Baker Eddy speaks of the “full compensation in the law of Love” on page 574 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Right where the heartache could feel so defeating, divine Love moves in a tangible way that gives us the courage to love wholeheartedly and happily the one who has left.

Joan found that tangible gift in the poplar tree and shared with us in a way that makes the reader expectant of finding the reassurance he or she needs.

Sharing your vision for the Journal,

A real gem

Corey Fedde’s article “Being a Christian Scientist: What does it mean to me?” in the October Journal is such a gem. I so love the simplicity, clarity, and most of all the honesty in his piece. It cuts across lines and borders we’ve all faced. Thank you, editors, for publishing it.

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