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Spiritual Short

Prayers for our grown-up children

From the April 2017 issue of The Christian Science Journal

When our children grow up, leave home, and move from our immediate care, it can feel as if we lose a connection with them. But we can embrace our adult children in our prayers. Sometimes a specific need of a now grown-up family member may be unknown to parents, but a parent may feel impelled to pray, realizing within his or her own thought the truth of that individual’s well-being in God’s care. At other times, there may be a direct request for prayer. This happened in our family. It illustrated how prayer can keep us connected with one another in Love’s protecting embrace.

One Friday evening we received a phone call from our son, who needed to talk through an issue related to his business. At the end of the call my husband said, “We’ll pray for you.” My son replied, “That’s probably why I’m phoning.”

During the weekend my husband and I listened, in prayer, for the spiritual truths that were needed to meet this challenge. We affirmed that our son was inseparable from God as His spiritual reflection and that he expressed God’s qualities in a distinct way. We held to the spiritual fact that there was no power other than God, and therefore no circumstances, predictions, or mistakes could interfere with or negate the harmonious action of divine Love’s control. 

The following week, when he called again, we understood why we had been impelled to pray for his business situation in a way that covered any circumstance he might find himself in. He said he had had a road accident while cycling to work in a busy part of London. He was in a cycle lane when he came around a corner at top speed and collided with a trolley loaded with gas canisters. He was flung over the bike onto the busy road. Paramedics were called and checked him over. Apart from a deep cut on his leg, which was dressed on the spot, he suffered no other effects. Even the bike was unharmed. And he later said that his thought was opening up to new possibilities regarding the business challenge. 

If we’re prompted to pray regarding those we love, we can hold in our own thought a clear view of their oneness with God. This experience has shown me that even though we may not be involved in the day-to-day activities of our adult children, we can feel connected with them by embracing them in God’s love, whatever situation may arise.

Patricia Farrar

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