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Healed of cancer

From the July 2013 issue of The Christian Science Journal

First appeared in the April 2013 issue of The Herald of Christian Science. Originally written in French.

In 1995, my health started to deteriorate. Doctors diagnosed a cancer. The disease progressively gnawed the bottom of both my feet to the bone. I was declared incurable, and in a last attempt to save me, I was offered the option of having both of my legs amputated. Full of despair, my family turned to all possible forms of therapy, among others, traditional African medicine and faith prayer with pastors and priests. But it was all to no avail. That was when, bedridden and without hope, I was introduced to Christian Science by my maternal uncle. Unfortunately his act of love displeased the rest of my family, but my uncle did not get discouraged because what mattered to him was to see me healed.

One Sunday, he brought home a Christian Science friend, who was moved with compassion toward me. This friend asked me to accept my uncle’s offer and try Christian Science treatment. He talked to me with conviction about God’s love. I was so afraid and his words were so reassuring! This friend and my uncle’s love encouraged me to accept Christian Science treatment. My uncle suggested that I go live in a quiet place, where I could pray calmly. He rented a room for me with the support of my maternal aunt and my grandmother.

For a time, I prayed with a Christian Science practitioner to understand that “divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 494). A few months later, I met another practitioner and he took over my case. 

We prayed together to understand that God maintains the perfection of all His ideas.

We prayed together to understand that God maintains the perfection of all His ideas, and that there is no inertia, deformity, inflammation, nor putrefaction in divine Mind. There is no matter; God is All. Then the practitioner recommended that I detach my thought every day from any concern about my feet and not worry about them at all. He also advised me to strengthen a sense of sweet trust in the spirit of Truth, which harmonizes being and brings healing.

One day during a conversation he discerned that I was filled with resentment and anger. He told me to forgive all those who I thought had wronged me, and also to forgive myself. At first this appeared impossible since I resented certain members of my family who had abandoned me and whom I held responsible for my suffering. Moreover, I was feeling guilty because I thought that I had probably sinned to be punished so much. 

With much courage, the practitioner continued to pray with me. Progressively, my fears started to disappear. Even though my recovery was slow, peace and trust were starting to take root in me. I kept on praying and studying Christian Science. I decided to forgive myself and all those I was angry with since I understood that forgiving is loving your neighbor as yourself. With the spiritual enlightenment given by the Bible and by Mrs. Eddy’s writings, my thought experienced a deep change. Then, one day, with the practitioner’s help, I left my bed, started walking with crutches and going out of the house.

We prayed with perseverance to see that I am not a sick mortal nor a healthy mortal, but that I am not mortal at all. I am a divine idea, made in the perfect image of divine Life, a totally spiritual, inorganic, harmonious, fearless idea, unable to be sick.

The healing took about five years of persistent prayer. Progressively, the deformed parts of my feet straightened out, the skin and my toes reformed. I have been completely free since 2005. I am a new man: I walk perfectly well, without any trace of that condition. 

Words cannot express my immense gratitude to God. I am also grateful for Mrs. Eddy and her teachings, as well as for the practitioner who helped me understand my true relation to God.

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