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Spiritual Short

Protection in a threatening moment

From the October 2017 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Many years ago, my husband and I were visiting his family in California. I went into the garage to bring in another gallon container of water to finish filling the dinner glasses. I poured some from the new container into my sister-in-law’s glass, not realizing that there was also a gallon container of acid in the garage, and that unknowingly I’d picked up the wrong container of clear liquid. 

As we sat down to eat, my sister-in-law took a drink and immediately spit it back into the glass and called out, “Acid!” 

As she rushed into the kitchen and rinsed out her mouth, we all immediately began to pray, vigorously. We affirmed her innocence and safety as a beloved, spiritual child of God. This Bible promise came to thought: “If they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them” (Mark 16:18).

We knew this promise to be based on spiritual law. God, who is Spirit, made all and made it only good; therefore, man—including each of us—is spiritual, pure, and innocent. We are not vulnerable. We cannot be contaminated by matter. Every child of God is spiritual, undefiled and untainted by so-called material laws. There is no lapse or interruption in our harmonious being. Referring to Christ Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy affirmed, “He literally annulled the claims of physique and of physical law, by the superiority of the higher law; …” (Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, p. 28).

Despite the initial shock, my sister-in-law was protected. She suffered no ill effects or problems with her mouth that day or afterward. 

We all expressed great gratitude and relief, a new glass of water was poured for her, and then we proceeded with eating supper. My sister-in-law was able to eat without any discomfort or pain. We were so thankful, and I continue to be grateful to this day that my in-laws forgave me for my mistake. I’ve been blessed by their gracious acceptance and love for over fifty years.

Joanie Benjamin

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