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What impels us to write for our periodicals?

From the April 1992 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I think the answer is in one word—love. Our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, tells us in Science and Health, "Love for God and man is the true incentive in both healing and teaching"—and it is also the true incentive for writing.

When a fresh, original idea that inspires and heals us comes to us from God, isn't it something we want to share with others? The impulsion to write is the impulsion to give. Writing is expression, and expression is an essential ingredient of life. It could be likened to breathing, where we take air in and then breathe it out. It is a circle of income and outflow—the incoming of inspired ideas from divine Mind, and then the outflow or expression of them. If we only breathe in all the time, or just take in inspired ideas without exhaling or expressing them, we get clogged up and stultified. But the gentle balanced activity of taking in and breathing out enables us to share, naturally, gracefully, and joyously.

We will always find the time to do what we love. (Pursuing any hobby illustrates this.) And if we love to love, there will always be time to write and share.

For a number of years, I found the discipline of actually writing things down a challenge. Then I decided to set aside one day a month for writing for our periodicals. I saw it in the context of the prayer in our Leader's hymn " 'Feed My Sheep' ": "Shepherd, show me ... How to gather, how to sow"—to take the time to gather and focus the inspiration that had come to me, and then to sow it—to write it down in a way that would help others. At first there always seemed to be things that came up to distract me from my writing day. But then I remembered that Mrs. Eddy once wrote to her publisher that she measured the significance of a project by the resistance she encountered in carrying it out. Robert Peel, Mary Baker Eddy: The Years of Trial (Boston: The Christian Science Publishing Society, originally published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1971), p. 282 . I realized that this must be an important activity! With persistence and consecration, resistance to the discipline melted away, and I found myself really looking forward each month to my day of special giving.

Our Leader shared what God gave her through writing. We are her followers and can pray for the desire, the inspiration, the skill, and the selflessness to share as she did.

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