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A higher protest

From The Christian Science Journal - February 5, 2014

Originally written in Portuguese, this article first appeared on in the Portuguese, French, German, and Spanish editions of The Herald of Christian Science.

I’d always wanted to participate in popular demonstrations against injustice and in favor of a fairer government. But, for many reasons, among them apathy, I had never done this. Little by little, I came to realize that I shouldn’t be apathetic, because I am a child of the one, all-acting God. So I decided I should actively support the good of society. And one expression of this is to take part in peaceful and positive demonstrations on the Internet, through social media, or on the streets.

Not long ago, I participated for the first time in a protest march calling for the dismissal of a politician who was being accused of involvement in many negative practices. It was exciting to walk the streets together with many people, who, like me, yearn for justice and for the progress of our country, Brazil.

However, after marching, I felt that there must be a higher way of protesting—a spiritual way. Then I remembered a passage from the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. She writes that Jesus’ “humble prayers were deep and conscientious protests of Truth,—of man’s likeness to God and of man’s unity with Truth and Love” (p. 12).

Politicians can never be separated from God. Therefore, they are capable of expressing the righteous nature of God.

At home and in other places, I began to mentally “chant” protests of Truth. I thought, “What is the divine truth about politicians? Are they dishonest and hateful? No!” I needed to see beyond the outer appearance, and realize that all politicians are actually children of God, created in His image and likeness. Their true nature reflects only divine qualities, such as honesty and integrity, because they are one with divine Truth and Love. In other words, I needed to recognize that politicians can never be separated from God. Therefore, they are capable of expressing the righteous nature of God, and sin and evil are actually not a natural part of their natures.

When we prayerfully affirm these spiritual facts, it can support the righteous actions of all politicians everywhere, thereby blessing all humanity. I know this is not always an easy task, because it involves gaining a spiritual love for people whom we sometimes consider our enemies, and praying for those who may seem to persecute us by committing injustice. But isn’t that exactly what Christ Jesus advised us to do? He said, “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you” (Matthew 5:44). God is Love. He unconditionally loves everyone.

I began to realize that a common problem with street protests is that many times they are accompanied by a dose of hate. But hate doesn’t correct people or situations. It is divine Love that “corrects and governs man” (see Science and Health, p. 6). The shouts from a mass demonstration often call out the politicians’ failures and mistakes. Denouncing erroneous thinking and behavior is an important human action, but that alone doesn’t suffice. Denying error and also affirming the spiritual truth about people and circumstances is the most effective practice to correct inharmonious situations.

Through our prayers, impelled by divine Love, we can deny that anyone can be moved by selfishness and greed, and affirm that man can reflect only God’s divine character. We can know that politicians can be moved and impelled by divine Truth and Love in everything they think and do.

Let’s acknowledge that it is God who governs our country, that the all-knowing divine Mind is always correctly guiding. Let’s prayerfully declare that we are all under God’s infallible direction and expect that spiritual truth to become apparent outwardly as we acknowledge it in our thought.

I still like to participate in protests online and on the streets, but I know the most important way I can protest is by recognizing that error is powerless and affirming the truth of God’s unerring government, and the spiritual and upright nature of all His children.

As the result of my prayers, I started a regular blog where I share helpful ideas and inspiration from my study of Christian Science and post links to my blog on social media. I’ve found this is a practical way to help uplift the thinking of others.

Today, and always, we can fill our hearts with Christian love and pray by mentally “shouting out” protests of Truth.

Flávio Colombini is a children's book writer living is São Paulo, Brazil.

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