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From the May 1943 issue of The Christian Science Journal

God's universe is one infinite, spiritual reflection of divine substance and Life. Throughout the length, breadth, depth, and height of the universe the laws of harmony continuously operate. Divine Science is the government of this measureless realm filled with divine ideas and their identities obedient to their creative Mind. Here are spiritually scientific statements which hold vast import for students of world affairs.

Spiritual facts, when discerned and accepted, affect global events as naturally as individual situations. As humanity progresses out of the chaos of materialistic belief, inspired thought, becoming aware of the unaltered divine order, necessarily eagerly reaches out for further spiritual perception wherewith to behold the unshaken reality of things.

Spiritual perception alone cognizes the eternal unity of universal existence and the control of divine Science. Through such penetration, everlasting Love, impartial, constant, ever Godward in its impulsions, is seen to be the only animating power of all elements and formations, of all intelligence and action. Wholly and continually the universe of Mind's ideas reflects divine, scientific order, functioning in accord with supreme harmony.

Necessarily that which emanates from God must exist within the infinitude of divine Mind, partake of the nature of Soul, and be formed of the substance of Love, for the terms Mind, Soul, Love, God, are synonymous in Science. The universe contains only celestial bodies held in the unbroken rhythm of heavenly concord, controlled by the moral and spiritual forces of Mind, and dwelling in the atmosphere of Soul. The seasons of the universe are periods of constant spiritual unfoldment which bring forth fadeless evidence of the presence of divine qualities throughout creation.

God eternally coexists with His universe, with that which is embraced in His all-inclusiveness. Speaking of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy writes (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 364): "It is not a search after wisdom, it is wisdom: it is God's right hand grasping the universe, — all time, space, immortality, thought, extension, cause, and effect; constituting and governing all identity, individuality, law, and power." This holy provision ensures constant perfection, endless government, and changeless sovereignty for universal existence.

At no time and in no part of the universe can there occur a break in the divine control. God cannot be excluded for an instant from infinitude, and His laws are established for eternity. Preservation permeates their every action of unfoldment. Without opposition, resistance, or delay, the majesty of spiritual law pursues its glorious way. Thus universal manifestation, rising from boundless perfection, lives, moves, and has being in terms of foreverness, allness, divinity.

Knowing only the existence of immortality in the substance of Spirit, untouched by sin and death, the universe expresses the glory of God, radiant, eternal reality. All identities which comprise the universe exist in unity because, in the divine order, each idea is tributary directly to divine Mind, always sharing its inexhaustible essence. Thus the grandeur of all existence, indestructible throughout its vastness, is maintained by God's Science.

In contrast with this unified immensity and stability of everlasting perfection, belief in a power apart from God is like a grain of sand on a tidal shore. Human, erring sense, having no conception of infinity or perfection, believes that the universe is material and divided into both discordant and harmonious parts. It believes in subdivisions of the earth named zones, then in belief attributes to these zones certain conditions of good or evil. The frigid zones are believed to be regions of the universe where storms originate which spread disaster. The torrid zone is believed to be an expanse where fevers and pestilences breed. Other divisions are labeled earthquake zones, hurricane zones, and so on.

When humanity becomes involved in the acceptance of evil belief, the subdivisions of erroneous sense multiply and there seem to be enemy zones whence springs the anguish of war, battle zones where carnage stains the earth, and danger zones where destruction awaits the traveler. Mortal mind defines these zones as areas where evil holds sway and from which good has been eliminated. Then mortal belief declares that if men dwell within, or pass through, such territory, they are subject to disaster and destruction. Having no concept of God's infinite kingdom, mortal sense would like to believe in these little spaces where it might reign for a season.

But God's Science grasps all time and space, all cause and effect, all power and law. There can be no such thing as territory where evil holds control, where God's law has ceased to function. There is no space deserted by God, or forbidden to God. There is no opportunity for error to start, accumulate, or dominate. The assumption that there is a moment when God is not supreme is mortal illusion.

David knew the falsity of error's claim to possess and govern a zone of existence anywhere. In declaring the boundless presence of God, good, he wrote: "Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence? If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me."

God's omnipotence precludes the possibility of a danger zone in creation. Man never passes through evil's realm, or exists for a moment within it, for evil, being nonexistent, possesses no domain. All ideas of the creator live and disport themselves in perfect safety throughout the endless realm of Mind. They know no fear, no peril, in boundless Love. They know that they can never go beyond Love's care.

With these spiritual facts Christian Science strips error of its claim of zones wherein to annul the laws of harmony, restrict the action of man, and menace the universal peace. There is no occasion for evil in immeasurable good, no breeding time for paganism, no room for animal magnetism, no tract for war, no place for pestilence, no region for captivity, no chance for discord, sin, or death.

In order that humanity may be aware of man's forever safety in the universe of Soul, Mrs. Eddy has given to the world the revelation of divine Science. In her poem "Christ and Christmas" is a significant statement of this Science:

"Fast circling on, from zone to zone,—
Bright, blest, afar,—
O'er the grim night of chaos shone
One lone, brave star.


"In tender mercy, Spirit sped
A loyal ray
To rouse the living, wake the dead,
And point the Way—


"The Christ-idea, God anoints—
Of Truth and Life;
The Way in Science He appoints,
That stills all strife."

In pondering these words the Christian Science student may become vividly aware of the Christ-power, the true idea of God and His universe, touching all human consciousness to cognizance of God's omnipotence and omnipresence. Neither starting nor stopping, but ever circling on, the Christ challenges one belief after another of error's kingdoms, powers, and accomplishments and ends these beliefs, setting free the helpless, the fearful, the bound. The true idea, appearing wherever error claims to be, proves that only God and His manifestation are there. Rising over "the grim night of chaos," the light of the Christ dispels the darkness of error and "stills all strife" by revealing the undisturbed tranquillity of universal spiritual existence.

"Fast circling on, from zone to zone," the Christ arouses the living to put their trust in God and His eternal plan of goodness. It makes a way of escape for humanity from the beliefs of persecution and captivity, for it demonstrates the eternal unity of God and man, and this truth defies and conquers the lie that men can be isolated from divine help. It quickens men to resist the arrogance of mortal mind and to become aware of angels, God's thoughts, with them to deliver to the uttermost.

The Christ is the deliverer of men both before and after the claim of death may have asserted itself. It is the master of the beliefs of battle and the grave. It is the Saviour of many, the deliverer of masses, the swift, coincident message and manifestation of eternal Life to all men. No edicts, walls, guards, circumstances, or localities can shut out the Christ from anyone. The true idea is inseparable from men, an ever-present influence in human thought, a supreme and timely Saviour possessing adequate power to disprove and dispel every claim of evil to have reality, presence, or power anywhere in God's universe. Of the Christ it can never be said that there is too little or that it is too late to meet human need.

The true idea of one infinite God, good, storms the citadels of paganism and compels the collapse of belief in other gods. Before its flaming light the flimsy structures of mysticism, superstition, imagination, and imposition fade into obscurity. The Christ ends their mesmerism and abolishes their slavery. It is indeed an active Saviour at hand for all mankind.

The Christ is the message and evidence to all men of infinite Love's ever-presence and all-embracement. It brings the realization of the height of Love reaching beyond the heavens, above the stars, over the winds. Up and up as far as thought can go, Love is still the Most High. Soaring cannot pass the borders of its care, nor lose the law of its enfolding.

The Christ reveals the depth of Love. Below the horizon, beneath the waters, under all formation, the foundation of all the creation of Truth, abides Love. Deeper than human reasoning can go, immeasurably beyond the line of exploration, far below the soundings and diggings of human research, at the very center of the universe is Love.

The Christ shows the breadth of Love. Across all waters and over all lands, beyond all space and time, never ceasing, never absent, here and hereafter, stretches the breadth of Love. Worlds upon worlds turn in its grasp, and the tiniest identity of Life is nourished in its bosom. On and on in endless being, Love lives and knows and keeps its own.

As human consciousness beholds this infinitude of Love, God, and His spiritual universe, the claims of hate, war, and desolation draw to a close, for they can have no kingdom, or mandate, where Love is known to be. The zoning of human belief which would give locality and freedom to evil becomes obsolete, and the omnipresence of divine good appears as reality.

God, the creator of all, is at peace, and His universe is thriving in that peace. Throughout the realm of reality there is no danger zone, no war zone; there is no area where evil abides, or operates; there is no barren shore, no waste place, no treacherous depth, no uninhabited space, no prison wall, no fearsome power, no enemy land. Then let us know no fear. Let us walk abroad in safety and win the victory over belief in any power apart from God. In "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 520) Mrs. Eddy says: "The depth, breadth, height, might, majesty, and glory of infinite Love fill all space. That is enough!"

It is a significant fact that a country's Christianity is a dependable thermometer of that country's love for peace. This is because of the very nature of the Christian religion. Peace is not the foremost aim of Christianity, but it is most certainly a natural consequence of it. No country whose people are religious will seek war with its neighboring countries. When Christ has taken possession of the hearts of people there is no room for hate and no time for warfare.—

Copyright, 1943, by The Christian Science Publishing Society, One, Norway Street, Boston, Massa chusetts. Entered at Boston post office as second-class matter. Acceptance for mailing at a special rate of postage provided for in section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized on July 11, 1918.

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