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In these pages we’ve gathered several shorter items—articles a page or less in length and excerpts from longer manuscripts that offer useful, inspiring insights. We hope you enjoy this kind of short-form nourishment in each issue.

Worthy of God's love?

From the April 2011 issue of The Christian Science Journal

There’s a slogan that reads, “What’s not to love?” Well, sometimes I seem to know all too clearly just what is unlovable about my identity; it doesn’t seem possible that God could love me as He looks at me. Perhaps some mistakes bear down on me. Maybe I’ve accepted the imposition that I’m sick, or that I don’t possess physical or mental traits that others would be attracted to. It doesn’t do me too much good to know there’s a great, good, loving God, if He’s just out of reach.

Ah, but there’s the lie. The great lie, the root of any discord in our lives, is that separation is possible. Separation from income, so we are poor. Separation from family or loved ones, so we are lonely. Separation from health, so we are sick. No! One infinite God means there is no space for any “other” to be. Therefore, all of God’s creation, all of Mind’s ideas, are united with Him. Mary Baker Eddy wrote: “Love giveth to the least spiritual idea might, immortality, and goodness, which shine through all as the blossom shines through the bud. All the varied expressions of God reflect health, holiness, immortality—infinite Life, Truth, and Love” (Science and Health, p. 518). Every one of God’s children has infinite might and goodness! No one is unworthy of His love. Since we are not separate from God, we can only have, feel, and give what God has given, and we can always do this.

When we reason from a limited sense of life, or when we look to the situations around us to prove or disprove God’s love, we will always arrive at a flawed conclusion. However, when we start with and give in to God’s infinite nature of love, we can see more clearly the loving reality of our lives. Not only did God create you and me, but His love is ever present, infinite, causing us to be constantly fresh, consistently capable.

My favorite thing about these identity statements is that they are just the jumping-off point for discovering who I am. God’s creation is limitless, and my possibilities, health, employment, place—everything—are completely directed by His grand love. How wonderful to know that the whole day, the whole world, is completely governed by the same Love that governs all His children!

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