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Be the best

From the April 1979 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Being the best means being Godlike. It means being one's true self, what God has already created one to be as His perfect emanation.

Mediocrity, second best, make-do, are no part of divine Mind's creation, because they are no part of Mind. Mind is perfect, All, and man expresses Mind's perfection. Mrs. Eddy writes, "The Ego-man is the reflection of the Ego-God; the Ego-man is the image and likeness of perfect Mind, Spirit, divine Principle."Science and Health, p. 281;

God is the infinite One, without a rival or equal. Infinite Spirit is all presence, all activity, omniscient. It is God's eternal purpose for each of His ideas to show forth His unequaled and unparalleled magnificence. As God's reflection, man expresses the unsurpassed beauty of Soul, the incomparable understanding of Truth, the all-encompassing love of Love, the inexhaustible energy of Life, the indisputable integrity of Principle, and the immeasurable strength of Spirit. Man expresses all the attributes of Mind without interruption or limitation.

We find that being the best in our daily lives consists of expressing our true identity as the spiritual likeness of God, being what we already are in Truth. Nothing in the way of temporary material gain or recognition can approach the satisfaction of realizing and demonstrating one's true nature as the reflection of perfect Mind, pure Spirit.

We strive to be the best—to be what we are in Science—not for personal gain but in order to glorify our divine Principle. Every aspect of our lives can be hallowed as we reflect the qualities of Mind, the wisdom, purity, holiness, and love of Spirit, which constitute our real individuality. Every vocation and avocation in which we are currently engaged, every challenge that confronts us, provides us with an opportunity to prove our God-given dominion. Mrs. Eddy said, as one of her students recalls, "If you are an ordinary cook, dressmaker, or milliner, Christian Science will make you perfect in any of these lines, and everyone should seek to perfect himself wherever he is, or  whatever his calling."Lyman P. Powell, Mary Baker Eddy: A Life Size Portrait (Boston: The Christian Science Publishing Society, 1950), p. 186;

Being the best includes seeing the best in everyone else. It requires realizing the infinitude of good. Every element of good is infinite in essence and expression. Perfection and excellence are expressed throughout Mind's universe in illimitable variation.

Christian Science explains the rules by which present perfection can be demonstrated by everyone as man's divine inheritance. In the reality of Science, no idea of God has more or less than another, for each reflects the limitless perfection of the one creator.

Being the best requires standing with courage for a high, spiritual sense of right. The figure of Daniel in the Old Testament teaches this lesson—Daniel who became the world's all-time number one lion tamer—because in obedience to his God, his divine Principle, he proved Love to be the only power operative in his life. The Principle Daniel served had raised him to the position of first of the three presidents in the land. Through his triumph in the lions' den, this Principle was acknowledged throughout the land as "the living God, and stedfast for ever, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed, and his dominion shall be even unto the end."Dan. 6:26;

Being the best through reflecting divine Love enables us to selflessly serve humanity. Though Joseph was placed in a pit by his brothers, slandered by the wife of the master he had faithfully served, and neglected by those he assisted, he nevertheless rose to be Pharaoh's chief minister. Why? Because, as the Bible records, "the Lord was with him, and that which he did, the Lord made it to prosper."Gen. 39:23.Joseph was foremost in Egypt because he relied on the one, omniscient Mind—the Mind that is divine Love—for his success, instead of on a finite, personal sense of ability. Our reflection of divine Love silences selfish timidity and provides the inspiration, resourcefulness, and vision with which to live a life of fruitful service to others.

Being the best results from acknowledging God alone as the source of all the good one expresses. Christ Jesus' all-conquering success over each of the challenges that confronted him stemmed from his faithful devotion to God as the only I, or Ego, of his being. He demonstrated Christ by bringing out the completeness and perfection of his spiritual selfhood as God's beloved Son. He was triumphant over discord because he identified himself with omnipotent Spirit, the supreme governing force of all creation. Jesus knew no selfhood separate from God. He proved that the one Mind was the Father of his being.

We can set our sights on being what we truly are—the man of Mind's creating. This is responding to the demand of divine Principle. This is what divine Love is inspiring and enabling us to be. Why try to be any kind of a mortal when through the study of Science we can understand and demonstrate our immortality as divine Mind's perfect reflection. Why not be the best!

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