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From the October 2021 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Timely and insightful

[Blythe Evans, “Conquering ‘impostor syndrome’ in healing,Journal, August 2021]

Blythe’s message is timely, insightful, and clearly expressed. The minute I saw the title, I recognized the imposition on my thought. Very grateful Blythe was led to write this.

Cheryl Mailer 

Ideas unfolded

I have read every article in every Journal and Sentinel for years. Reading through the August 2021 Journal, I realized how one article leads to another. The editors arrange the articles to develop and unfold healing ideas. My goodness, how grateful I am.

Edna Steele
Burlingame, California, US

Enlightenment provided

I would like to thank you for the July 2021 Journal. So many of these articles provided just the enlightenment I needed to make progress with a few healings that I’ve been wrestling with. I came back again and again to reread comments that I underlined in the interview with Rob and Lauren Nofsinger, as well as in articles by John Quincy Adams III and Jan Keeler Vincent, and in the poem by Janet Stacey McConnell. And then—like a solid bookend—Warren Berckmann’s editorial explains in such simple terms the divine reasoning and logic in how Christ Jesus healed and instructed others to heal. What a loving reflection of Principle. 

So, thank you to all of the dedicated contributors, to the publishing and editing teams, and most of all, to Mrs. Eddy for her timeless illumination of the spiritual power within the Holy Scriptures. 

Julie Collins
Leadville, Colorado, US

Blessing to all

Thank you, Barbara Fife, for the editorial in the June 2021 Journal,Church—looking forward.”

My wife and I began traveling to Florida 11 years ago to enjoy more moderate weather for six months each year. We were somewhat relieved to leave many church responsibilities behind. But soon we discovered that the society in Florida needed our help as well! (Their bylaws allow members of The Mother Church to serve in positions where needed.)

Barbara says, “A divine idea is never static.” I accepted the First Reader duties and my wife helped with other duties as needed. We also kept up on committee positions at our home church in the North. We have been blessed and never felt overwhelmed by the extra commitments. Our situation has not been static and has been a blessing to all! 

Don Snyder
Flint, Michigan, US

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