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Cherishing God’s day brings freedom

From the February 2018 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I am so grateful for Christian Science and to have our textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, to study along with the Bible each and every day.

One day I woke up and had difficulty getting out of bed. It was very hard to breathe and stand, and I felt pain in my back. When I finally made it into the shower, I stood there not moving much, praying and reaching out to God. I knew that this suggestion of pain and incapacity was from mortal mind, a supposed mind apart from God, and was therefore a lie. I declared that I was made in God’s image and likeness. I affirmed this truth about myself right at that very moment where mortal mind was presenting opposite claims about life as based in matter, not Spirit.

I had a busy day planned, and I found myself getting distracted from prayers, instead thinking about how to rearrange my to-do list for the day. I then stopped as I realized I didn’t have to rewrite my day because of this suggestion of illness. Every moment, God is expressing His perfect, wonderful, harmonious, purposeful nature. The Scriptures say, “In him we live, and move, and have our being” (Acts 17:28). I declared right then and there, “My day is God’s day!”

In Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy, who discovered Christian Science, gives this spiritual definition of day: “The irradiance of Life; light, the spiritual idea of Truth and Love.

“ ‘And the evening and the morning were the first day.’ (Genesis i. 5.) The objects of time and sense disappear in the illumination of spiritual understanding, and Mind measures time according to the good that is unfolded. This unfolding is God’s day, and ‘there shall be no night there’ ” (p. 584).

I have always loved that thought of “no night there” (Revelation 22:5), and right at that moment that beautiful truth was an answer to prayer. It helped me see that no dark thought, no fearful thought, no painful thought, was truly any part of my thinking. I knew that I was reflecting divine Life, light, and intelligence. We are the spiritual expression of divine Truth and Love. This light of Truth is our being. Divine Love knows only perfection, health, joy, and comfort, and we reflect that. God is our Life, our strength, the law of our being.

Though I was moving slowly, I was able to get dressed and take care of things that needed to be done that day. I knew that God was with me and was guiding me every step of the way. A clearer understanding of my oneness with God was unfolding. Limitations of time and mortal sense were lessening as I turned to God and His day. I truly saw that divine Truth was active, and I trusted in my prayers. By the end of the day I felt free.

When I woke up the next day, however, the symptoms reappeared. I stayed in bed for an extra half-hour to keep praying. Suddenly I realized that we are never in a morbid limbo of any kind. God is always in control of His spiritual creation. I thought to myself, “You are not cursed, damned, or touched by any error of any sort.” In God’s image and likeness there is no room for error or repetition of evil. At any given moment we can all wake up to the fact of our freedom and divine heritage as God’s perfect child.

As I was cherishing the idea that God is my Life and loves me as His child, the pain stopped right away, and I was able to move about freely. Light truly extinguishes the darkness. It was a complete, permanent, and beautiful healing, and I was most grateful in that moment to know that I could turn to Christian Science for immediate help.

I am so very thankful for Christian Science, which lifts our thought away from the dark, fearful suggestions of mortal mind and helps us clearly understand the Bible and all that it teaches. Each day is blessed and full of promise, and God is the only cause and creator. As we hold to this scientific understanding of God and man, we behold more and more of God’s presence and can experience quick and full healing.

Every day can be a beautiful day full of understanding, healing, and love—God’s day! As Hymn 342 in the Christian Science Hymnal says: “This is the day the Lord hath made; / Be glad, give thanks, rejoice” (Laura Lee Randall).

Heather Bauer
Suwanee, Georgia, US

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