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Sweet memories of my Sunday School days

- What Sunday School meant to me

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I have sweet memories of my days in the Christian Science Sunday School, growing up in Cuba. Most of my teachers weren’t originally from Cuba, and all of them were dedicated Christian Scientists who had taken Christian Science class instruction.

I remember three teachers specifically: my American teacher who was patient and loving, always appreciative of my desire to learn English—the language of Mary Baker Eddy’s writings; my British teacher, from whom I learned the importance of expressing divine Principle, God, in all aspects of my life; and my Jamaican teacher—a Christian Science practitioner who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer when it came to class participation.

In one of my early classes with this last teacher, she mentioned the importance of daily studying from the Manual of The Mother Church. At that time, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Retrospection and Introspection, and the Manual were the only writings by Mary Baker Eddy that had been translated into Spanish, my first language. I really tried to familiarize myself with these books, but I’ll admit that I only liked a few parts of the Manual, such as the “Daily Prayer.”

After Sunday School class one morning, I mentioned that I felt this little book had nothing to offer me. I thought that its By-Laws probably made sense to those at The Mother Church, in Boston, but not to me. Well, as I said earlier, you couldn’t easily say “no” to one of my teacher’s assignments, and so I kept studying the Manual daily.

What a surprise to find that the whole book became an integral part of my life, including those By-Laws that, on the surface, seemed to apply only to members of The Mother Church during Mrs. Eddy’s lifetime. I recognized that because these By-Laws were written with divine inspiration, they are just as relevant and applicable to me today as they were in Mrs. Eddy’s day.

While I was in college, earning my bachelor’s degree, I was introduced to a man and fell “head- over-heels” for him. While riding the local bus to school one day, I found myself telling God all the reasons why this man was perfect for me. I wasn’t listening for a single word from God !

Suddenly, the bus took a sharp turn, causing my head to gently tap the glass window. Immediately, all my attention focused on this verse: “… divine Love alone governs man” (Manual, p. 40). With this thought, I knew this was a subject to drop, and I dropped it. I released any desire to continue my one-sided monologue to God. I recognized that the governing of our lives belongs entirely to God, and I was going to listen and be obedient to His direction. I no longer had the “crush” on this man, and since that day, I have endeavoured to make this Manual statement a part of my life on a consistent basis—to know how important it is to let God govern.

I thank God for the blessing of having those Sunday School teachers during my early steps in studying Christian Science. The lessons they taught me really planted my feet on the rock of Christ, Truth.

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