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From the March 1887 issue of The Christian Science Journal

In that lovely fable of the Halcyon, we read: "In the wild winter months" is given "the wisdom of calm" to those days when the Halcyon builds her nest on the sea, and that time is known as "the hour of winds'-hiding,"—the Halcyon days.

And such are the days which Christian Science brings to our consciousness, wherein the discords of mortal sense yield to the law of harmony, and spiritual sense is acknowledged true. This calm reveals and is established by spiritual understanding, and the building is in accordance with the law of wisdom.

There must be this calm for all true and wise labor. Not apathy, not inaction, but the calm assurance of successful endeavor, because subtlety ceases to beguile, and delusion to deceive; hence, there is no doubt, hesitation, or fear, and all action becomes swift and direct.

To attain this standpoint in our right sense of existence, where all things are possible to us, requires the vigilant exclusion of all false thoughts,—discord, disease, and other imperfections, having no origin in the perfect Mind.

It may seem an easy thing to choose the good; to choose Life, Truth and the harmony of spiritual existence; but the choice is not wholly made until all else is refused—evil, falsity, death and all delusion; and we prove, our own consistency and faith by our works.

One says: "I am very broad and liberal. I take the good of everything that comes along." Yes, and do you accept the evil that claims fellowship with it? Are you a mental chemist that you can analyze the quality and composition of thought? All theories and hypotheses will be tested by Christian Science, and the Truth made known. All haste, anxiety, doubt, discouragement, foolish disputes about Truth, bring but confusion till Christian Science makes the test, and declares to such elements, "Ye are of nothing, and your work of naught."

Having planted our feet far enough in Christian Science to know on what it is based, we accept the wisdom of calm, and the successive periods of understanding become Halcyon days in the midst of this stormy winter of the world, and the winds and waves will be still that we may realize the fruit of our work. "He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still. Then are they glad because they are quiet; so he bringeth them unto their desired haven." (Ps. 107: 30.)

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