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Even a small proof is still a proof!

From the November 2021 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I was raised in a Christian Science family, and I learned that Christianity was practical and provable, as Christ Jesus taught and showed his followers. I felt as though I knew how to pray, but for a long time I believed the ability to heal was for better, more experienced Christian Scientists. I prayed every day and worked at being consistently grateful, obeying the Ten Commandments, and following Jesus’ example. I had healings when I called a Christian Science practitioner to pray for me, but I didn’t feel I had what it took to heal. 

Then came a series of articles in the Christian Science Sentinel that woke me up to the need to think of myself as capable of healing. These articles focused on the theme “Anyone can be a healer.” The power of those words resounded in my thought. I began to think about what that meant to me. How could I be a healer? I didn’t think I had very many healings to recount.

It began to occur to me that this seeming lack of healings might be a proof itself that consistent prayer was resulting in consistent good in my life—and that was, in fact, a healing. I realized, too, that challenges that could have been difficult, like having enough money to pay bills, or selling a house and finding a new one, had gone smoothly—so smoothly at times that I barely thought about giving specific gratitude to God.

Because of this series of articles, I started to acknowledge the smallest evidences I witnessed of God’s loving care for me. In other words, even the simplest proof of God’s care is significant in illustrating the spiritual law of good behind it. Mary Baker Eddy, the author of the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, explains that “. . . the product of three multiplied by three, equalling nine, proves conclusively that three times three duodecillions must be nine duodecillions,—not a fraction more, not a unit less” (p. 108). The rule is the same, regardless of the numbers.

The simplest proof of God’s care is significant in illustrating the law behind it.

I had a recent proof of the power of simple prayer. I was preparing a meal with my twenty-something daughter. She had happily (I’d thought) helped me earlier in the day when I had car trouble. But now, as we worked together in the kitchen, anger bubbled to the surface, and I became the target of her frustration. I was startled at the sudden change of mood. 

So I decided to pray. A dear Christian Science friend used to say, “This is the time to know there is only one Mind.” This powerful idea of there being one divine Mind came to me as I listened to my daughter and tried to stay calm. The authority of this statement is based on the First Commandment: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3). In Christian Science, Mind, as well as Spirit, Truth, and Love, are biblical terms used to describe God, the one and only power. 

My prayer was no more complex than that.

Here’s how I prayed: “There’s only one God, so there’s only one Mind, and only one Mind present in this room. That Mind knows both of us as happy and harmonious, because Mind produces only peace, joy, harmony. And Love is right here, right now, the only power in this room. Love loves both of us. Love is calming us and showing us how to think and what to do. Love’s arms are around us now.” 

My prayer was no more complex than that. In just a few moments my daughter’s attitude and words began to change. She expressed a desire to be helpful and more understanding of a recent family conflict. Then she complimented me and made a suggestion for a project she felt would be a good use of my abilities, and she offered to help me set it up. The change was quick, and I knew it was the rapid result of silently witnessing the presence of one God—the only Mind, the only source of love—that had brought it about. We warmly hugged before she left for work. The previously troubled waters were calm and peaceful for the rest of the afternoon. Divine Love and Mind are present and accessible always. 

I am so grateful to have experienced this “small” proof of that fact. I am forever grateful for the Sentinel’s wake-up call to think of myself as a healer. It has enabled me to experience more of the dominion promised to all of us as God’s children, which no anger or frustration can thwart. That’s no small thing to be grateful for!

Daughter’s verification

Growing up in Christian Science, I have benefited from the results of prayer many times. In this instance, I was healed of a negative mind-set almost instantly. I know this to be the result of listening to the “still small voice.” I knew that my mom was praying for the both of us, and almost immediately I was able to feel compassion and affection in the situation. I was grateful to experience the healing in that moment, and I am continuously blessed by acknowledging the one Mind.

Bridgett Julian

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