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From the December 2021 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Eye-opening perspective

[Bob Cochran, “Don’t believe in ‘world belief,’ ” Journal, October 2021]

This article brought me an eye-opening perspective. It helped me understand what it is that would seem to oppose our work in Christian Science. The lie that evil is something, or a bunch of somethings with a vast number of identities, varying by degrees, is a distraction to be aware of and guarded against. The truth that “there is no power apart from God” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 228) frees one from the belief that anything else is present. Thank you for these clear and strong metaphysical statements!

Alaina Carlson

“Daily Prayer”

[Deborah Packer, “A powerful ‘Daily Prayer,’ ” Journal, August 2021]

I have been praying daily the “Daily Prayer” Mrs. Eddy gave us, but I didn’t realize its application until I read this article.

Stanley Aboloje

Help at the right time

[Janet Stacey McConnell, “Freedom is yours!Journal, July 2021]

Thank you for posting this wonderfully freeing poem. I needed healing comfort; and help like this is always at hand at the right time!

Uta Kuehnast

Inspiring writing

I just reread the article “Seven names to consider” (Kent Garland MacKay, Journal, January 2021). Since the first reading, my interest was piqued by the seven names for man the author notes that Mary Baker Eddy used. Since then I’ve discovered more. The article mentions image, likeness, idea, representation, reflection, expression, and manifestation. The others I came across in the Bible or Mrs. Eddy’s writings are emanation, embodiment, witness, heir of God, child of God. These concepts, along with Mrs. Eddy’s seven synonyms for God (see Science and Health, p. 115), are helping me keep focused on my true, spiritual identity. 

Many thanks for all the inspiring writing in these periodicals.

Joan Greig
Aurora, Ohio, US

Access to treasures

[John M. Tutt, “The Advancing Age,Journal, June 1958]

Reading this article in the middle of the night in order to better understand true progress and its powerful reality was marvelous and calming. What clarity and depth. 

The functionality of your website is a grace to me. To have access to the treasures of spiritual reflection offered by true seekers over the course of decades is a heavenly gift that helps me to progress every day. Thank you all!

Evelyne Bandou

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