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Listening to music …hearing God’s direction

- Practice, Practice, Practice

I’m currently teaching at a school in Grenada, and I was asked to teach some patriotic songs to the children for their February 7 Independence Day celebration. I only had two music classes to make this happen. Other than the Grenada National Anthem, I was not familiar with these songs and spent hours on the Internet trying to see what I could find. The search was frustrating and the resources not easily available, as in other countries. I couldn’t find lyrics, let alone guitar chords which I would need to accompany the singers.

Saddened by my lack of success, I called the school early one morning to say I didn’t think I could complete this project. I asked if anyone could help me. They couldn’t see a way to help but were understanding and appreciated my attempts. 

School was going to start in just a few hours, and Independence Day wasn’t far away. After I hung up the phone, I closed my eyes and prayed. Helping the children learn the songs felt like a right idea. I knew that God, divine Mind, supplies our every need, and Mind was governing all. I declared these spiritual truths for only a few minutes as I sat in front of my computer.

When I opened my eyes, I had an idea completely different from any previous ones. I went to work on my computer and found the lyrics and chords for a beautiful song. I spent the next hour listening to it and writing out guitar chords. Then I made copies of the song for all the children, finishing just in time to head to school.

I was a little leery that I might not completely remember the tune. But I trusted that God had led me this far and would bring me the rest of the way. When I did falter a bit with the tune while I was teaching the kids, the kindergarten teacher jumped right in and led the students. The same thing happened in the next class with another teacher, and we made good progress.

Not only did the students sing on Independence Day, but three months later they performed for their parents at a Parent-Teacher Association meeting with as much confidence and poise as I’d ever seen them show! It was truly heartfelt and reminded me of Mary Baker Eddy’s statement in The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, “To-day my soul can only sing and soar” (p. 174).

This experience stood out to me, because I often have a tendency with the “small things” to plow ahead before taking a moment to think, “Be still, and know that I am God,” and trust in divine guidance (Psalms 46:10). My healing demonstration was simple, but helped reinforce the immediacy of God’s help and the fact that we can turn to Him in all things, big or small.

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