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Twisted ankle was a dream

From the May 2014 issue of The Christian Science Journal

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A few years ago I had a dream in which, while out on a walk, I suddenly twisted my ankle. The pain in the dream was so vivid that it startled me awake. Strangely, the pain then carried over for a few moments after I awoke! I unconsciously superimposed the painful “dream ankle” onto an ankle that was fine. For a few brief moments it was as if the accident in the dream had really happened to me.

As I quickly started to realize what was going on—that I was, in fact, in bed and that the experience of twisting my ankle had been a dream—the pain instantly dissipated and vanished.

A few weeks later, however, having now forgotten all about that dream, I was outside jogging when, sure enough, one of my feet landed in an awkward position and I twisted my ankle. My first thoughts were: “Oh no! I’ve just started to establish a jogging routine, and now I’ll have to take at least several days off to heal. How am I going to go to work tomorrow? How am I going to be productive around the house if I’m stuck all day on a couch with my feet up?”

It wasn’t long before I remembered the twisted ankle dream. The pain from that dream was basically of the same variety that I was now experiencing. In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy writes: “Now I ask, Is there any more reality in the waking dream of mortal existence than in the sleeping dream? There cannot be, since whatever appears to be a mortal man is a mortal dream” (p. 250). I realized that the “waking dream” of a twisted ankle was a dream, too, and that I could wake up from it and be healed.

That was a first step toward experiencing healing—it lessened my fear and assured me that healing would come. I already knew that matter is not everything it’s cracked up to be because I’d had many experiences of spiritual healing in my life through practicing the teachings of Christian Science.

The next morning I was lying on my couch with the leg resting. I had e-mailed a Christian Science practitioner for prayerful treatment. I was thinking that I should stay home from work, but then I got a reply from the practitioner saying there could be immediate healing. I loved that idea and “responded” to it by immediately getting up off the couch for work, and I felt fine to do so.

Work began well, but a few hours into my shift as a Christian Science nurse, the ankle started hurting again. I thought about contacting the practitioner, but before doing that I felt I could do more consecrated prayerful work for myself first. It occurred to me that I could “lean” entirely on God. In my prayer I recognized that I was not struggling all by myself to get through the workday, but that I was reflecting God, Mind, right then and always, and could depend on God fully.

With that, the pain receded noticeably, and within an hour I realized mid-stride that the healing was complete. After my shift, I jogged over two miles, and I have jogged often since then, without any restrictions on how I jog or walk.

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