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What lies ahead?

From the November 2021 issue of The Christian Science Journal

A deep yearning for good is easily seen across the world. It is expressed in wanting things such as continual, purposeful work; happy relationships; a home; adequate income; and health. These are all things people want not only for themselves, but also for their children and their communities. But the path to experiencing that goodness is not always clear.

Christian Science, based on the teachings of the Bible, can help us see further than limitations pressing in on us. This brighter view is gained through expanding our understanding of God as endless Love, always caring for its creation. As we bring into focus a clearer concept of God, we will have the assurance found in Proverbs, “Riches and honour are with me; yea, durable riches and righteousness” (8:18). 

We can’t always know what’s around the corner. Nevertheless, the more we accept the rock-solid security of God’s goodness, the more confident we are when stepping forward. The concept of God articulated by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer of Christian Science, reveals that Love is divine Principle, the source of all good. The yearning for good is not in vain when we look at the scope of God as Love and Principle and realize the spiritual fact that divine Principle and Love actually underpin and provide only good for each of us. 

When praying and communing with God as Principle, we become conscious of the operation of divine law. This law pertains to the good that comes from the tender and caring Truth that is God. Divine law is stable and reliable, and ultimately guides our day-to-day lives. It is available to everyone no matter where they are located. As God’s children, we are constantly embraced by divine Principle, governed by the law of divine Love. We can yield to that embrace no matter what our age, race, or background is. Therefore, every one of us can depend on spiritual law as the bedrock of our lives.

Sometimes we might hope that rosier pictures of the past—for our families or our churches or other aspects of our lives—would be established again in a future that has not yet taken shape. All the good ideas and circumstances that we yearn to see restored are forever sustained by the Principle of all good. The Bible has this to say: “And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten” (Joel 2:25). God wants only good for His creation, and you and I and our children and communities are included in that good.  

God’s promises for restoration and new unfoldments of good are fulfilled through daily blessings as well as more momentous shifts that might take years to be revealed. I’ve seen God’s law at work in my life many times. 

For example, when I first started teaching in schools, my motives included a desire to contribute to my community, and I had a love for children. I often prayed about my classes from the standpoint that each child was governed by God, Principle, and constantly subject to the divine law of intelligence and order. I enjoyed several years of happy classroom teaching and then took some time off to establish our family.

After this break, I tried to return to my teaching career but was met with several obstacles. The most discouraging was that I was told that my gender and age were not needed in the current recruiting of educators. As neither of those factors was going to change, it felt as if I were up against a brick wall. The promise of a career based on classroom teaching seemed doomed, in spite of my Christly motives. 

Trustingly I affirmed that those “wrong” characteristics could not be obstacles to divine Love’s provision of the opportunity to succeed. Not knowing where it would lead, I turned to God as Love and trusted divine law to show me where to look next in finding purposeful work. 

Endless intelligent ideas, with their source in God, are all interrelated and sequenced, not random or disruptive. I therefore felt I could trust this intelligence to reveal a perfect plan of action. 

At that time, a friend suggested we take some courses that would lead to part-time teaching in linguistics. There was no assurance that I would be any more employable with these new qualifications, but because I felt sure that the opportunity came as a result of prayer, I took it up. With my background as a classroom teacher, I was able to approach this new study and its application with a mature, thoughtful perspective.

As a result, a whole new career opened up where my age and gender were not drawbacks. Ideas pertinent to this new role persistently flowed from previous life-experiences, both professional and personal. As years moved on, this career blossomed and led to other stimulating and rewarding work. And most of all, knowing that my life is governed by God, Principle, I knew that my work could not be interrupted by social trends or economic factors.

Ultimately there is no lapse from God’s law of good. The Principle that is divine Love is irresistibly taking charge of our career, our home, our health, our mind. And we let that govern our experience by knowing that the cohesion of good purpose, intelligence, and supply is founded in Principle and cannot be wrenched from it. 

If the durability of success appears to be fading, or to have completely disappeared, this is an invitation to prayerfully dig more deeply into the foundation of divine Principle. Then we find it to be the rock that Jesus referred to in a parable about a house. When “the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; . . . it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock” (Matthew 7:25). This “house” can represent consciousness. If floods of trouble seem to beat upon our thought, we can stand firm. We are divinely empowered so that we are not swept downstream. The law of God’s ever-present goodness is like a rock, grounding us—securing us in Love’s divine care in whatever way we need.

The chain of purposeful work, caring relationships, happy homes, and health is based on God’s restorative law of good. The more we recognize this, the more we are able to see how God’s promise of goodness for each of us, now and in the future, is being fulfilled—whatever’s around the corner.

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