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Painful throat condition healed

From the July 2018 issue of The Christian Science Journal

One day last year, I noticed my throat becoming sore. I turned to prayer, but the soreness seemed to increase over the course of the day. That evening, I contacted a Christian Science practitioner for prayerful support. She responded quickly and said she would pray with me. 

That night I slept very little. Aside from praying about the pain, I found myself gripped with a deep fear that Christian Science couldn’t help me and that what I was dealing with was “serious.” The thought came to me that I would need to visit a doctor the next day. 

With a consecrated focus, I prayed to know that there was nothing outside of God’s control, nor could I be tainted, sick, or even pained. This quiet time with God helped bring a sense of peace, and eventually I fell asleep. The next morning I felt more peaceful because the fear had subsided. However, the pain and some other symptoms were still present. 

I stayed home that day and prayed with the continued support of the practitioner. I felt I was improving, but only by degrees. I knew for sure that I was being strengthened spiritually and morally, and I could tell the fear was receding, as was the pain. 

At that point, the practitioner told me directly that it was important to handle the false belief that material medicine was more powerful than Christian Science. That had come to her as she had prayed. I found this very helpful, as it was exactly what I had been praying about the night before. The fact that she mentioned this helped me see that I needed to take a firmer stand. I knew at the same time that there wasn’t any shame in my need to specifically address this.

When I awoke on the third day, I still felt pain. Again, I turned to God for help. I knew that the pain had no true existence because it wasn’t created by God. And God, infinite good, could never inflict pain or sickness upon His children. 

So I decided to devote the whole day to loving, honoring, and adoring Christian Science, “… the law of God, the law of good,” as it is defined in Rudimental Divine Science by Mary Baker Eddy (p. 1). It was very freeing to focus on why Christian Science is defined in this way. In fact, when I did, I felt a burden lift and I felt energized to dive into this study. 

I soon decided that the best way to grasp the beauty of this definition of Christian Science was by spending some quality time with the Bible, and with Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, also by Eddy. In addition, I decided to read another of her books, Unity of Good, in its entirety. I just bathed in all the good, holy ideas that poured in from those wonderful books. Every idea I read that day felt like a healing, cleansing concept coming to me directly from God, divine Love. 

After spending this time laser-focused on the study of Christian Science, that afternoon I realized so clearly these important truths:

First, the practice of Christian Science, unlike the practice of medicine, never has anything to do with personal power, a person’s ability, or a person’s level of human understanding.

Second, because matter cannot conceive of Spirit or spirituality, it cannot act, do, or be anything beyond being inert matter. Matter could never give us the idea that God is Spirit or that our existence and life is actually spiritual. So taking a stand for spiritual truth is itself an expression of spirituality.

Third, being passive is impossible in Christian Science. Because man is made, as the Bible declares, in the image and likeness of God, our spiritual activity, health, and harmony are really God’s activity being made visible.

Fourth, firmly acknowledging the divine Science of God’s goodness cuts through the fog of mortal opinion with divine Truth. Truth’s power removes erroneous fears and beliefs, including sin and sickness, and replaces these falsehoods with healing truth. 

What’s more, I soon realized all the symptoms had completely vanished. By that evening I felt well enough to eat solid foods and to move around more normally. I remember telling the practitioner of the progress made, and we both rejoiced so gratefully to divine Love, Spirit, for creating and maintaining us in perfect health and freedom. 

As I continue to reflect on those four powerful truths, I see that they were messages from God. They helped me see a fuller picture of everyone as purely governed by Soul, God, not matter. In this light, there is no personal effort required for us to maintain our well-being; rather, God is caring for you and me all the time! Our Father-Mother God cares for all of us, impartially. Humbly acknowledging God’s power is an opportunity to honor and participate in God’s goodness.

Realizing that being passive in God’s healing activity is impossible was a real eye-opener. Even when I may be tempted to second-guess my ability to pray or heal, recognizing that I am the reflection of God’s activity helps lift my thought to see that God is the only Ego and source of intelligence, and so all power must belong to Him alone. It is God who does all the healing and who removes any thought that doesn’t belong to Mind. We don’t need to go on a witch hunt to find error; rather, God’s love for us, coupled with divine intelligence, acts like light naturally illuminating a dark room—wiping out error with truth. This naturally brings healing and improved morals. 

These insights, along with the healing, are immeasurably precious to me, and I deeply treasure them and how they became so clear and so real to me. From one perspective, this healing appeared to take a few days, but the real healing—the healing in thought—was so clearly instantaneous, and the body corresponded directly to the mental shift. 

Tad Blake-Weber
Waltham, Massachusetts, US

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