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Freed of migraines

From the March 2011 issue of The Christian Science Journal

For about 15 years I’d been challenged with migraines. Sometimes they’d last a long time and recovery would be slow and exhausting.

A little over a year ago, I woke one night with utter pain in my head. It was Saturday night and we had extra children staying with us for a sleepover. The morning promised to be full, trying to get everyone fed and ready for church on time. 

Right away I started giving myself a Christian Science treatment. I began by declaring God’s supremacy and perfection. Then I reasoned that since I was God’s reflection, I was divinely entitled to all that God has and is. I saw that my heritage as His daughter included no pain, but peace, harmony, and perfection.

At this point in the middle of the night, my thoughts started to drift to how tired I was or how I could maybe just wait out the pain until morning, as I’d done with previous headaches.

I totally lost my train of thought about the prayers I’d been working out. The erroneous notion that I had a history of headaches distracted me from praying. But I was determined to keep my focus, so I started the treatment at the beginning again. The straying thoughts happened a few more times before I was able to discipline myself and stay “in the zone,” or focused on my true spiritual nature as God’s reflection. I felt the presence of God in and around me, and knew my oneness with Him was unbroken and unchallenged.

I then finished the treatment: denying the error, or the suggestion that a headache existed; affirming God’s power; acknowledging God as the one and only Creator; and giving gratitude for the effectiveness of divine Science, which reveals my unalterable heritage as a child of God. After giving this treatment, I felt healing—a demonstration of the truth of my complete health and harmony—was close at hand.

I often find comfort in hymns, so I continued my prayer by singing, “I walk with Love along the way” (Minny M. H. Ayers, Christian Science Hymnal, No. 139 ). There is a line in this hymn that says, “No more I suffer cruel fear, / I feel God’s presence with me here.” I realized that the suggestion of a history of disabling headaches was “cruel fear.” I needed to banish the mesmerizing illusion that I was powerless to control a material condition of the body. 

I quieted my thoughts to try to hear the Christ message and feel God’s presence. I wanted to fill my thinking full of Truth and Love. As I kept singing, lines from other hymns filled my consciousness with messages of stillness and comfort. This activity broke through the doubt I was having about recovery and getting enough rest before a busy day. The pain stopped and a glow of peace filled my thoughts.

Understanding with full certainty that I could never be out of God’s tender, constant care, I was able to fall asleep. The suggestion of headache returned again a couple more times during that rest, but I was able to stick to the ideas in my treatment with confidence, and the pain simply vanished. 

In the morning, I felt rested, refreshed, and happy. I was able to get everyone fed and to church on time. 

Since that time, the fear of migraines has occasionally tried to put itself on me. I have met the challenge with confidence, and been able to see its nothingness. This healing happened over a year ago, and I haven’t experienced any migraines since.

My gratitude for this wonderful Science never ceases, and I pray that the world finds more of this peace and joy.

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