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After car crash, both drivers pray for healing

From the October 2018 issue of The Christian Science Journal

At a busy intersection in the heart of downtown, the light had just changed to green, and it was time for me to proceed. As I drove into the intersection, though, a driver in a large pickup truck, who had not observed his red light, plowed into my car on the passenger side. I did not see the vehicle coming toward me, and at first I thought something had fallen out of the sky. 

But soon I became aware that my car was immovable and was in the middle of the intersection under the traffic light. The smell of gasoline was in the air, and the other driver was quite concerned for my safety. He called to me to get out of the car. 

When I reached the sidewalk, he informed me he had called 911. I said I was calling my husband and a friend who was a Christian Science practitioner to pray for me. He then informed me he was a Christian. I responded that I was also Christian and belonged to the local Church of Christ, Scientist. He said he knew nothing about Christian Science and asked if I would be willing to share with him some of its teachings. 

Suddenly I had a most unusual opportunity to share some of the teachings of Christian Science with a total stranger! Despite the circumstances we found ourselves in, I felt this was a wonderful opportunity, and I made the most of it.

I acquainted him with the structure and essence of Christian Science church services and told him a little about Christian Science theology. I explained that Christian Scientists endeavor to follow Christ Jesus’ teachings, and I shared a statement from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, a statement that I said had proven helpful to students of Christian Science when faced with severe difficulties: “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” (p. 494).

Then I asked the young man if he was familiar with the Bible story of the Shunammite woman whose son died, and how she set out to find Elisha, “the man of God” (see II Kings 4:18–37). He said he knew the account. I reminded him that in the story, even though her child was dead, when Elisha’s servant asked her if all was well with her, with her husband, and with her child, she answered, “It is well.” However, Elisha came to her house, where the dead body lay upon a bed. Elisha prayed to the Lord, and then he called the Shunammite woman to take up her child, alive. She did so and expressed a great sense of gratitude.

At this point I asked the young man to pray with me to acknowledge, just as the Shunammite woman did in the face of adversity, that all was well right at that very moment. The spiritual fact was that all was well, because in reality God, who is ever-present Love, was right with us, caring for us as His loved children, meeting our every need.  

Our conversation and prayer were interrupted when EMS (emergency medical services) arrived. The individual who looked at me felt I should be taken to a hospital to be treated for what appeared to be a very painful chest injury, but I lovingly declined this suggestion. I assured the individual that my husband and friend were on their way to take me home and that I would be well by relying on prayer to heal the injury. 

Before I left for home, the young stranger and I hugged each other goodbye. I promised to call him that evening to share with him how I was feeling. On the way home, I earnestly prayed along with the practitioner, starting with the Lord’s Prayer and then with helpful spiritual truths based on familiar passages in both the Bible and Science and Health. This prayer helped to heal any sense of fear.

Later that night, when I called the young man, I asked and encouraged him again to pray knowing that truly all was well. And so it proved to be: I continued to pray with the practitioner, and within a few weeks I was going about all of my normal activities free of any pain, restrictions, or limitations.

I am truly grateful for the realization that we can behold the evidence of God’s love at any time, meeting our every need. This healing occurred 15 years ago and has remained complete, and for this I am very grateful. I am also grateful for the prayers of the loving practitioner and for the prayers of that young man. To have been able to share Christian Science with him, under the most trying circumstances, was awesome. What a joy to demonstrate God’s great goodness and tender, loving care.

Gail D. Sims
Orlando, Florida, US

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