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A recent Sunday School graduate shares…

- What Sunday School meant to me

Although I don’t remember lots of specifics about Sunday School as a child, I know it provided me with a strong foundation in Christian Science. I accepted without question that God is Love and that Love heals. I know that came from all of the loving guidance I received from my parents and from my Sunday School teachers. I also became familiar with Bible stories and hymns, which gave me comfort and brought healing when I wasn’t feeling well. It wasn’t until high school, though, that I really started using Sunday School as a resource.

At the time, I was playing soccer on two different teams, working hard to get good grades in school, and trying to figure out who I was and who I wanted to be. These were all reasons for me to turn to Christian Science to find answers and healing. 

Each week, my Sunday School teacher would begin class by checking in with me. We’d talk about my week, my interests and challenges, and then we would discuss which ideas from the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson, the Bible, or Mary Baker Eddy’s writings, we could apply to those challenges. This process continued to solidify a strong foundation and taught me how to become a more independent healer. 

However, my Sunday School class in college definitely had the biggest impact on my life as a Christian Scientist. I ended up in a class in which I was completely comfortable asking any question that came to mind. This class was more free form than any other class I had been in. 

This was perfect for me at this point in my life because I realized that I had questions to ask. Before college I didn’t ask a lot of questions. I mainly just accepted concepts as true. But at this point, I yearned to understand Christian Science for myself and to increasingly apply it to my experience. 

I realized that I had questions to ask. 

Throughout the next year, my Sunday School teacher started each class by asking if we had any questions, and off we would go into fascinating discussions that led me to truly understand concepts for myself. With no repeating structure to the class, we were free to steer the conversation wherever it needed to go. My teacher would facilitate when necessary, pointing us back to the books, the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, if we were stuck on a question, and providing his own answers when asked. 

As a child and early teen, I had committed to memory many hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal, as well as phrases from the Bible and Science and Health. I had learned how they could help me. And so my college Sunday School class continued my spiritual education by providing me with another essential element: the opportunity to explore what those words meant in my own life and understanding. It gave me the curiosity and the confidence I needed to continue to question and learn about Christian Science, even after I graduated from Sunday School. Finally, it taught me that Science and Health doesn’t leave any question unanswered—it contains everything we need to become successful healers.

About a year after graduating from Sunday School, I had built up a list of questions that I couldn’t seem to find answers for on my own. But I knew, from my experience in Sunday School, that the answers were out there (or rather, within, as I listened!). So I didn’t give up. I studied and prayed for God’s guidance, and talked about the questions with my peers and other adults that I looked up to. When I still wasn’t finding any peace with the questions, however, I felt ready to use another resource I’d learned about in Sunday School. 

I had never called a Christian Science practitioner before, but I decided to contact one who was also a teacher of Christian Science. That call ended up leading me to apply to and then take Primary class instruction with the same teacher about six months later. 

Sunday School provided me with the tools I needed to find the answers I was seeking, and gave me a passion for Christian Science that has been essential in my spiritual growth and study.

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